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1944 : 276

A total of 276 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraft TypeTail NoPilot/CrewPhotoUnitRemarks
15 Aug 44 Hurricane IIC LD736 -
9 Sqn Caught fire during refuelling. Plt Offr Brown and
18 Aug 44 Hurricane IIB BX134 Plt Offr Edminston
Click to View Record 151OTU FL due to broken line in oil system. aircraft dama
19 Aug 44 Hurricane IIB BG674 Fg Offr A L Maitra
151OTU BL - aircraft damaged could not move selector leve
19 Aug 44 Hurricane IIB HV434 Plt Offr Juvekar
151OTU ran off runway in swing, collapse of left leg 2nd
21 Aug 44 Hurricane IIB HL793 Fg Offr A L Maitra
151OTU similar accident, UC Jammed, Belly Landed
21 Aug 44 Harvard IIB FE358 A/Plt Offr K Lal +
1SFTS Cr in slow roll, Roorki - Fatal flying accident
25 Aug 44 Harvard IIB FS780 Plt Offr C M Dean
A/Plt Offr J Eapen
151OTU ac swung , port u/c collapsed (21 pc)
25 Aug 44 Hurricane IIC LD723 Fg Offr S Jamaluddin
3 Sqn Belly landed, ac damaged Cat A
28 Aug 44 Vengeance AN931 W/O BAILEE
F/Sgt LG Wright
22AACU eng fail during landing circuit, crashed at drigh
30 Aug 44 Hurricane IIC LB618 Plt Offr F Fernandez
151OTU got lost, ran out of fuel, force landed (21 PC)
01 Sep 44 Hurricane IIB LF281 Plt Offr M A Kureshy +
151OTU MAC (19pc)
01 Sep 44 Hurricane IIC KW913 Plt Offr K Joseph EAPEN +
151OTU MAC Body not recovered. Hit LF281
06 Sep 44 Hurricane IIC LD855 A/Plt Offr D B Ghorpade
Click to View Record 151OTU uc collapse after landing and taxy (20pc)
07 Sep 44 Hurricane IIC BN681 Plt Offr A L Maitra
151OTU swung on ldg, dam ac
08 Sep 44 Hurricane IIC JS464 Fg Offr K M Kirkpatrick
151OTU port oleo dam on landing aircraft swung off runway
08 Sep 44 Harvard IIB Fg Offr D Singh
Severly damaged a Harvard at Cox Bazaar. Swung on
16 Sep 44 Hurricane IIC LE958 Plt Offr HCF Mayadas
151OTU taxied off runway, dam prop, carelessness (23pc)
18 Sep 44 Hurricane IIC LE300 Plt Offr G D Sen Gupta +
151OTU Cr 8 m NE of Kohat, Stalled off turn. Wrong name f
23 Sep 44 Hurricane IIC LD112 Fg Offr B A Hall
Click to View Record 3 Sqn Crashed near Mileston65 on Bannu Kohat area. Ac wa
28 Sep 44 Harvard IIB FE682 Flt Lt LeCraw
A/Plt Offr Edwards
1SFTS landed 382 with undercarraige retracted 0 aircraft
28 Sep 44 Hurricane IIC KZ447 Fg Offr Anand Ramdas Pandit
Click to View Record 1 Sqn Engine lost power, belly landed at Tamu
29 Sep 44 Hurricane II LB888 Fg Offr Rajendra Singh
Click to View Record 1 Sqn Crashed between Silchar and Imphal. Spum into grou
29 Sep 44 Harvard IIB FE975 Fg Offr John Dirom LAMBERT +
W/O  W C Hall +
22AACU cr Landhi airstrip, Karachi both killed, spun in f
06 Oct 44 Hurricane IIC Z5668 Plt Offr M U Haq
1SFTS Aircraft met with an accident on landing owing to
07 Oct 44 Hurricane IIB LE852 Plt Offr P K Senapati
151OTU dam to prop after ran into ditch (24PC)
11 Oct 44 Hurricane IIC PJ685 Plt Offr N K Mukerjee
151OTU belly landing, after tyre burst on first landing a
11 Oct 44 Harvard IIB NAN A/Plt Offr A R Fairless
1SFTS wheels up landing due to loss of rudder control in
17 Oct 44 Spitfire VIIIc LV738 W/O W F Stroud + RAF
8 Sqn Engine cut on approach, Crashed while trying to la
02 Nov 44 Harvard IIB FE469 A/Plt Offr Bruce Dalkieth YARDLEY
1SFTS Hit tree whle low flying Magarpura, 7m NE of Kesry
03 Nov 44 Hurricane IIc LD240 Fg Offr A M Kapur
Click to View Record 1 Sqn Cr inJungle due to Glycol Leak, pt trekked back
04 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC Fg Offr T K Lalith
Click to View Record 1SFTS Crashed after landing at NW end of runway owing to
04 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC LE211 Plt Offr C A Hall
Click to View Record 151OTU BL Risalpur on TO (24pc)
04 Nov 44 Vengeance AN903 F Sgt Maurice Benjamin JONES +
F/Sgt D M Livie
22AACU Cr after aircraft hit tree during unauthorised low
04 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC Fg Offr Smith RAF
10 Sqn Aircraft F - Swung off runway on landing and went
07 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC LF204 Plt Offr P C Pavri +
151OTU Cr at Nowshera swampy ground. Killed
07 Nov 44 Tigermoth II DP260
1EFTS Flying Accident at Begumpet
08 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC KZ486
3 Sqn Overshot on landing and crashed into iron railing
08 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC LB678
10 Sqn Overshot landing at Singarbill, DBR
09 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC LD853 Flt Lt J M Engineer
Click to View Record 151OTU Minimum skin damage to starboard main plane after
09 Nov 44 Vengeance AN979 W/O J DuckW/Orth
AC  M Roy
22AACU flying accident no details
09 Nov 44 Hurricane HW414
10 Sqn Swung on take off and hit ditch
10 Nov 44 Hurricane LE766 Fg Offr Sen Gupta
Click to View Record 2 Sqn Spun in while landing at Cox. Aircraft was write o
14 Nov 44 Spitfire V MA672 Fg Offr S A Hussain
Click to View Record 8 Sqn engine rough at 300' after TO, belly landed Cat E
15 Nov 44 Hurricane IIc LD409 Fg Offr B B Chakraborty +
10 Sqn Failed to recover from dive and flicked on to back
20 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC JS417 A/Plt Offr I Jan
1SFTS Damaged on landing due to Oleo Leg collapse. Cat A
21 Nov 44 Harvard IIB FS786 Fg Offr Harold Mervyn BROWN +
Plt Offr Sudhir Kanti GUHA +
9 Sqn Cr during LL roll, at Feni.
22 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC PJ753 Fg Offr A J Mir
Click to View Record 1SFTS 1510 Hrs . Stalled his aircraft on landing. Fate u
22 Nov 44 Hurricane IIB LE852 Plt Offr T K Ghosh +
Click to View Record 151OTU Cr in River Kabul 2 miles N of Nowshera killing pi
22 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC HV429 A/Plt Offr N B Menon
Click to View Record 1SFTS 1120 Hrs Damaged cat A due to premature retraction
27 Nov 44 Harvard IIB FS781 Plt Offr P K Senapati
Fg Offr Z Ahmed
Click to View Record 151OTU nosed over after night flight landing at Peshawar

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