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1944 : 276

A total of 276 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraft TypeTail NoPilot/CrewPhotoUnitRemarks
01 Jan 44 Hurricane Z4379
151OTU Engine failure, Crash Landed
06 Jan 44 Hurricane IIC HW863 Fg Offr M B Ramamurthy +
Click to View Record 4 Sqn Flying Accident - Fatal. Hit tree approaching in m
06 Jan 44 Harvard IIB FE539 Plt Offr A Q Zia +
1SFTS Hit house and cr Wazirabad near Ambala. Killed ins
11 Jan 44 Vengeance EZ893 Flt Sgt Alwyn Thomas Charles BENSON +
Plt Offr Dantra 
22AACU Flying Accident at Ahmednagar. Aircraft from AACU
15 Jan 44 Hurricane IIB HL881 Fg Offr J S Bhullar
Click to View Record 6 Sqn shot down during a PR sortie to Razabil and Buthid
22 Jan 44 Hurricane AG173
151OTU Engine cut due to failure of fuel switch , Cr and
24 Jan 44 Hurricane IIC LB588 Fg Offr B A Hall
Click to View Record 3 Sqn struck tree in LL flying, port mainplane damaged.
25 Jan 44 Hurricane I L1848 Plt Offr J Singh
Click to View Record 151OTU 4 m N of Mardan FL
27 Jan 44 Hurricane IIC LB827 Fg Offr Rustom Kaikobad Munshi +
3 Sqn BL and caught fire on impact during LL flight. Hit
27 Jan 44 Hurricane IIB JS422 Fg Offr J C Verma
Click to View Record 6 Sqn Shot down by enemy but landed in safe lines. 1720H
27 Jan 44 Hurricane IIB HV422 Fg Offr Mukerji
Click to View Record 6 Sqn Overshot landing at ALG Bawlibazar wrecking aircra
27 Jan 44 Hurricane IIB BW912 Fg Offr J S Bhullar
Click to View Record 6 Sqn Shot down Taken POW by Japanese 1210 Hours
28 Jan 44 Vengeance 1A ES878 Sgt Robert Oswald BROWN +
Sgt Harris +
152OTU Cr Dive bombing on Bombing Range
30 Jan 44 Hurricane I W9294 Plt Offr S I R Bokhari
Click to View Record 151OTU failure to switch to main task, eng cut FL 2 m w o
01 Feb 44 Hurricane AF992 Plt Offr Pandhi
151OTU uc collapse on ldg
03 Feb 44 Hurricane II B HW601? Flt Lt Ahmed Ibrahim
Click to View Record 1 Sqn Landed on Kutcha strip parallel to runway and went
03 Feb 44 Defiant TT II DS142
22AACU Cr 1.5 m from Jodhpur Airfield
04 Feb 44 Hurricane IIB BE291 Fg Offr M F Gracious +
6 Sqn SD by Oscars 0915 Hours. No.2 to Reddy. Over Mayu
04 Feb 44 Vengeance Sgt Fotheringham
8 Sqn Crashed during take off due to dust. Ac WO
05 Feb 44 Hurricane BE341 Plt Offr S I R Bokhari
Click to View Record 151OTU Taxied into mud - nosed over
05 Feb 44 Hurricane AG169 Plt Offr Sidhartha SEN +
151OTU Hit Tree while low flying 2.25m SE of Khunda
08 Feb 44 Hurricane IIB BG868 Fg Offr Dodla Ranga Reddy +
Click to View Record 6 Sqn SD by Oscars over Taung Bazar
08 Feb 44 Hurricane IIB AP892 Fg Offr J C De Lima +
6 Sqn SD by Oscars over Taung Bazar
08 Feb 44 Hurricane AF999 Plt Offr M D Rosario
Click to View Record 151OTU FL aircraft after low fuel
11 Feb 44 Hurricane IIB HV421 Fg Offr Jagjit Singh
6 Sqn Shot up by enemy ac. Forcelands and set aircraft o
11 Feb 44 Vengeance II AN687
8 Sqn Failed to take off ground looped and UC torn off
12 Feb 44 Hurricane IIC LD256 Plt Offr Harbhajan Singh
9 Sqn Dived into ground after roll Thuma ranges. First c
12 Feb 44 Hurricane BN906 Plt Offr M D Rosario
Click to View Record 151OTU Engine cut, FL wheels up 1 m N of Risalpur
15 Feb 44 Hurricane IIB HW428 Fg Offr Bhattacharjea
6 Sqn SD by Oscars over Taung Bazar
15 Feb 44 Hurricane AG193 Plt Offr Murlidhar +
151OTU Cr 4m SE of Mardan near Toru.
15 Feb 44 Harvard IIB FE900 Actg Plt O Ranade
1SFTS FL in Harvard in darkness immediately after take o
16 Feb 44 Hurricane IIB HV782 Plt Offr A H Khan
6 Sqn Forcelands in Ngkaydauk Area. 1240 Hours Hit trees
17 Feb 44 Vengeance AN629 Fg Offr Victor John HILLMAN +
W/O Barlow +
152OTU killed at approx 1415 after flying into Cu Nim Clo
19 Feb 44 Vengeance AN757 Fg Offr RACHPAL SINGH +
7 Sqn Cr enroute to Gwalior / Lahore
19 Feb 44 Vengeance II AN612 Fg Offr Keki Nadirshaw Gocal
Plt Offr P A Kapadia
Click to View Record Click to View Record 7 Sqn Cr enroute to Gwalior / Lahore Flt Sgt Ghosh OK. [
19 Feb 44 Vengeance AN799 Fg Offr AJIT SINGH +
7 Sqn Cr enroute to Gwalior / Lahore. LAC Wadekar also k
19 Feb 44 Hurricane IIB HV489 Fg Offr M Ramunny
Click to View Record 6 Sqn 1210 Hrs U/C collapsed on landing
19 Feb 44 Hurricane JS380 Plt Offr Dewan Balwant Rai
2 Sqn Returning from sortie to Datta Khel Post. Engine f
19 Feb 44 Hurricane I W9202 Plt Offr Mashi
151OTU FL 12m W of Risalpur
22 Feb 44 Harvard IIB FE534 - -
1SFTS hit by Tigermoth DE870 being taxied by F/O Dugal a
24 Feb 44 Hurricane IIB BN317 Plt Offr H K Patel
6 Sqn 1125 Hrs Engine cut, crashed on landing at aerodro
24 Feb 44 Vengeance EZ993 Plt Offr Joseph Dennis O'LEARY
W/O Stewart Mosby
8 Sqn Returned from sortie with engine trouble and crash
25 Feb 44 Harvard IIB FE489 Flt Sgt D Surgeoner
151OTU wheels up landing at Akora LG
25 Feb 44 Hurricane IIC LD287 Fg Offr J N Lala +
4 Sqn Flying Accident - Fatal - Flew into ground during
25 Feb 44 Hurricane AG143 Plt Offr Khan
151OTU Collided with BN477 during tail chase. Crashed whi
25 Feb 44 Vengeance EZ909
22AACU Taxying accident dam to wing tips atC Flight
28 Feb 44 Hurricane 808 Plt Offr Dewan Balwant Rai
2 Sqn Two ac mission to Shaktu. Hit by bullet in coolant
01 Mar 44 Hurricane P2989
151OTU Hvy Lndg , uc wrenched
01 Mar 44 Defiant TT II DR983
22AACU Cr 5 miles from airfield due to engine failure
01 Mar 44 Vengeance AN909
22AACU Taxing accident at St Thomas Mount

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