IAF, IA and IN Aircraft Losses Database

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A total of 53 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraft TypeTail NoPilot/CrewPhotoUnitRemarks
19 Feb 43 Battle  L5726 Plt Offr R S Shipurkar
22AACU Crashed RAF Drigh Road
19 Feb 43 Battle  L5661
22AACU 1145 hours . Crashed - Ac landed with u/c not lock
28 Mar 43 Lysander II P9057
23 Apr 43 Harlow  DR425 Plt Offr M Y Aziz
Plt Offr Sharma
22AACU CRASHED, Airframe W/o Engine repairable. Court of
21 Jun 43 Tigermoth LR228 Flt Lt Houston
Fg Offr Aziz
22AACU Crashed at Poonia nr Katni, both injured Aziz seri
03 Jul 43 Wapiti II K1403 Plt Offr Charan Das Sharma +
AC1 Gordon William Charles HUTCHINGS +
22AACU Cr Bandra 4 m S of Juhu. Bandra Sea front 10 yards
07 Oct 43 Hurricane IIB Z4871
22AACU Crashed on Landing
11 Jan 44 Vengeance EZ893 Flt Sgt Alwyn Thomas Charles BENSON +
Plt Offr Dantra 
22AACU Flying Accident at Ahmednagar. Aircraft from AACU
03 Feb 44 Defiant TT II DS142
22AACU Cr 1.5 m from Jodhpur Airfield
25 Feb 44 Vengeance EZ909
22AACU Taxying accident dam to wing tips atC Flight
01 Mar 44 Defiant TT II DR983
22AACU Cr 5 miles from airfield due to engine failure
01 Mar 44 Vengeance AN909
22AACU Taxing accident at St Thomas Mount
03 Mar 44 Vengeance AN914
22AACU BL on boundary of Karachi airport due to engine fa
05 Mar 44 Defiant TT II DS143
22AACU Cr on landing at Vizag due to failure of Undercarr
08 Mar 44 Vengeance AP132
22AACU Cr at Tollygunge , Calcutta killing number of civi
11 Mar 44 Vengeance AN983
22AACU B Flight - Cr at Asansol. Eng cut on TO and aircra
29 Mar 44 Vengeance AN893
22AACU Cr on landing at St T Mount
06 Apr 44 Defiant TT II AA482
22AACU Cr on landing at Jamshedpur Eng Cut on ldg
14 Apr 44 Vengeance AN954
22AACU Cr during TO from Dacca - eng not on full power
15 Apr 44 Vengeance AN966 Flt Sgt Nash
22AACU Attempted to take off from Alipore.  Eng failur
19 May 44 Vengeance AP107 W/O Morgan
AC Vaiyapuri
22AACU Cr taking off at St T Mount. aircraft Vaiyapur and
19 May 44 Vengeance EZ982
22AACU dam during flight , tail plane damaged. Cr landing
24 May 44 Vengeance EZ842 Fg Offr Arthur Christopher JOSEPH +
Fg Offr Davis
22AACU Cr in Ahmeta water tank 9 m of Katni.  Both sur
05 Jun 44 Tigermoth NL723 W/O Kay
22AACU Cr at Cholavaram after pilot tried to go around
19 Jul 44 Vengeance AN890 W/O Bruce Roy LUCAS +
Cpl D Emmerson +
22AACU FT Arrive at Ahmedabad from Poona. TO at 0933 pres
01 Aug 44 Defiant TT II AA490 Fg Offr E S V Burton
22AACU Cr at Uttarlai on way to Madras
28 Aug 44 Vengeance AN931 W/O BAILEE
Flt Sgt LG Wright
22AACU eng fail during landing circuit, crashed at drigh
29 Sep 44 Harvard IIB FE975 Fg Offr John Dirom LAMBERT +
W/O  W C Hall +
22AACU cr Landhi airstrip, Karachi both killed, spun in f
04 Nov 44 Vengeance AN903 Flt Sgt Maurice Benjamin JONES +
Flt Sgt D M Livie
22AACU Cr after aircraft hit tree during unauthorised low
09 Nov 44 Vengeance AN979 W/O J Duckworth
AC  M Roy
22AACU flying accident no details
12 Dec 44 Vengeance AP103 W/O Gabb
22AACU ac caught fire on TO run
16 Jan 45 Vengeance  AP129 Sqn Ldr B F C Houston
22AACU Forcelanded Mauripur due to breakdown of insulatio
13 Feb 45 Defiant TT II AA538 Flt Sgt E E Sulsh
22AACU BL at Madras , unable to lower U/C dirty hydraulic
24 Feb 45 Defiant TT II AA483 Flt Sgt L R M Tibble
22AACU Port wing stuck windsock pole due to brake failure
31 Mar 45 Vengeance  AP122 Sgt John WRIGHT +
22AACU Crashed near Chakulia, in a village, two houses se
31 Mar 45 Vengeance  EZ807 Fg Offr L V C Fabian
22AACU Tipped over to nose due to stbd wheel lock down at
10 Apr 45 Defiant TT II AA368 Flt Lt  N G JAMES
22AACU BL at RAF Digri due to burst tyre, aircraft Cat B
18 Apr 45 Defiant TT II AA503
22AACU dam by storm at Katni
18 Apr 45 Defiant TT II AA473
22AACU fin and port elevator dam beyond repair in storm a
24 Apr 45 Hurricane IIC LE181 Sgt W L Griffiths
22AACU BL at Katni Cat B. overshot and pilot retracted u/
24 Apr 45 Harvard IIB FS949 W/O D N BOOTH
22AACU Hit cables after doing low beat up at 200 feet. ai
28 Apr 45 Defiant TT II AA657 Flt Lt D L FERRRABY
22AACU BL Drigh Road after flying in from Ahmedabad. U/C
05 May 45 Defiant TT II AA567
22AACU To Drigh Road and BL Beyond Economic Repair
15 May 45 Beaufighter JL768 Flt Lt P E DIGGIN
31 May 45 Vengeance AN921 W/O BOOTH
22AACU CR AT end of runway at drigh road after TO, premat
06 Jun 45 Vengeance FD314 W/O D N BOOTH
22AACU Drigh Road, Premature Pull out during TO and hit g
22 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC LE461 W/O Leonard Francis Andrew CLOSS +
22AACU flew into Hill near Poona aerobatics at low level.
30 Jun 45 Defiant TT II AA396 Sgt G C Barclay
22AACU Port tyre burst on TO from Ambala, aircraft uc col
21 Jul 45 Vengeance AP127 W/O G E HAYLE
22AACU Taxying accident Digri DAM TO prop tips, engine sh
25 Jul 45 Vengeance EZ807
22AACU U/c failure on stbd. Accident digri. Cat B.

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