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A total of 100 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraft TypeTail NoPilot/CrewPhotoUnitRemarks
06 Feb 43 Harvard IIB FE361 Plt Offr Kartar Singh +
Sgt Ghosh
152OTU Cr Campbellpur - Ghosh survived - 7 Sqdn IAF. Repo
01 Mar 43 Harvard IIB FE355
152OTU Cr on Aerodrome
13 Mar 43 Harvard IIB FE362
152OTU Cr on Aerodrome
02 Apr 43 Harvard IIB FE359
151OTU Collision with Hurricane Z4696 while coming into l
05 Apr 43 Harvard IIB FE425 Flt Lt N M Williams
A/Plt Offr A Singh
Click to View Record 1SFTS Cr 6m from Ambala. 0900Hrs, Harvard FE426 forced l
19 Apr 43 Harvard IIB FE365 Plt Offr Ajmail Singh SEKHON +
Click to View Record 151OTU Crashed and killed during aerobatics at Tavu. Repo
28 Apr 43 Harvard IIB FE481 A/Plt Offr H Ghosh +
1SFTS Cr 3m N of Ambala. Pilot Killed. PIlot completed f
10 Jul 43 Harvard IIB FE488
151OTU Damaged taking off from Haripur LG
04 Aug 43 Harvard IIB FE549 Fg Offr H C Harding +
A/Plt Offr GD Salick +
1SFTS Cr 8m NW of Ambala, Rajgarh village. Both occupant
21 Aug 43 Harvard IIB FE489
151OTU Hit wires flying under bridge - damaged
30 Aug 43 Harvard IIB FE491 A/Plt Offr Avtar Singh
Click to View Record 1SFTS landed on airfield with U/C retracted. Ac repairab
23 Sep 43 Harvard IIB FE370
1SFTS Overturned on aerodrome owing to severe braking
14 Oct 43 Harvard IIB FE382 A/Plt Offr C B Contracter
1SFTS Landed with Undercarraige retracted
02 Nov 43 Harvard IIB FE544 Flt Lt H M HILTON
A/Plt Offr Aziz Khan
Click to View Record 1SFTS Throttle stuck, ac cught fire - forcelanded at aer
09 Nov 43 Harvard IIB AJ783 Fg Offr Iqbal SINGH +
Plt Offr Vurghese +
Click to View Record 151OTU 3 Sqdn Batch Cr during instrument flying
20 Dec 43 Harvard IIB FE548
1SFTS Hit House and cr Ambala City
27 Dec 43 Harvard IIB FE891 F Sgt Denis Walter EARNEY +
Sgt Tilbury +
152OTU Killed during practice flying in Harvard
06 Jan 44 Harvard IIB FE539 Plt Offr A Q Zia +
1SFTS Hit house and cr Wazirabad near Ambala. Killed ins
15 Feb 44 Harvard IIB FE900 A/Plt Offr Ranade
1SFTS FL in Harvard in darkness immediately after take o
22 Feb 44 Harvard IIB FE534 - -
1SFTS hit by Tigermoth DE870 being taxied by Fg Offr Dug
25 Feb 44 Harvard IIB FE489 Flt Sgt D Surgeoner
151OTU wheels up landing at Akora LG
08 Mar 44 Harvard IIB FE468 Sgt Davis
A/Plt Offr Bouche
Click to View Record 1SFTS failed to recover in spin - baled out at 4000 feet
04 Apr 44 Harvard IIB FE956 Fg Offr R A P Larive +
Fg Offr M S Gopalkrishna +
Click to View Record 1SFTS CrL 6m NE of Patiala. Low flying.
18 Apr 44 Harvard IIB FE595 Fg Offr Poonen
Sqn Ldr Ritchie
151OTU Swung on landing - uc dam
18 May 44 Harvard IIB FH110 Plt Offr Bir
151OTU swung the aircraft on ldg, damage to mainplane, u
18 May 44 Harvard IIB FE483 Plt Offr Chikkari
151OTU swung the aircraft on ldg, damage to mainplane, uc
02 Jun 44 Harvard IIB NAN A/Plt Offr H S Gill
Click to View Record 1SFTS Crashed 2215 hours - seriously injured - admitted
07 Jun 44 Harvard IIB FE484 Plt Offr Shitoley
FSgt Allen
Click to View Record 151OTU ground looped on ldg, dam to mainplane, uc flaps
07 Jun 44 Harvard IIB FE480
1SFTS Collided with FE551 Shahabad and Cr. Bartley baled
07 Jun 44 Harvard IIB FE551 A/Plt Offr V D Shourie +
1SFTS Collided with FE480. 1000Hours - MAC over SHAHABAD
09 Jun 44 Harvard IIB FE672
1SFTS Cr on Take Off Ambala
12 Jun 44 Harvard IIB FS690 Fg Offr S Purushottam
Click to View Record 7 Sqn CrL out of fuel 2350N 8420E DAltonganj 50m from Ra
23 Jun 44 Harvard IIB FE771 Plt Offr Williams
151OTU Swung on ldg
04 Jul 44 Harvard IIB FE368 A/Plt Offr R J Odayar +
1SFTS Collision between tW/O Harvards approaching to lan
04 Jul 44 Harvard IIB FE681
1SFTS Collision between tW/O Harvards approaching to lan
04 Jul 44 Harvard IIB FE533
1SFTS Engine cut, crashed in forced landing at Nagla
26 Jul 44 Harvard IIB FE475 A/Plt Offr K K Sur +
1SFTS Killed in accident at Rupar, while carrying out un
21 Aug 44 Harvard IIB FE358 A/Plt Offr K Lal +
1SFTS Cr in slow roll, Roorki - Fatal flying accident
25 Aug 44 Harvard IIB FS780 Plt Offr C M Dean
A/Plt Offr J Eapen
151OTU ac swung , port u/c collapsed (21 pc)
08 Sep 44 Harvard IIB Fg Offr D Singh
Severly damaged a Harvard at Cox Bazaar. Swung on
28 Sep 44 Harvard IIB FE682 Flt Lt LeCraw
A/Plt Offr Edwards
1SFTS landed 382 with undercarraige retracted 0 aircraft
29 Sep 44 Harvard IIB FE975 Fg Offr John Dirom LAMBERT +
W/O  W C Hall +
22AACU cr Landhi airstrip, Karachi both killed, spun in f
11 Oct 44 Harvard IIB NAN A/Plt Offr A R Fairless
1SFTS wheels up landing due to loss of rudder control in
02 Nov 44 Harvard IIB FE469 A/Plt Offr Bruce Dalkieth YARDLEY
1SFTS Hit tree whle low flying Magarpura, 7m NE of Kesry
21 Nov 44 Harvard IIB FS786 Fg Offr Harold Mervyn BROWN +
Plt Offr Sudhir Kanti GUHA +
9 Sqn Cr during LL roll, at Feni.
27 Nov 44 Harvard IIB FS781 Plt Offr P K Senapati
Fg Offr Z Ahmed
Click to View Record 151OTU nosed over after night flight landing at Peshawar
29 Jan 45 Harvard IIB FE889
1SFTS Landed heavily on port wheel causing u/c to collap
13 Feb 45 Harvard IIB FE483 Flt Lt J W Rutherford RAF
151OTU Strong wind on landing , leg sheared off after bra
02 Mar 45 Harvard IIB FE361
IAFDF SFTS, Cr Ladd, Sarawa Said to be Tigermoth T6921
05 Mar 45 Harvard IIB FS807 Plt Offr N B Menon
Click to View Record 151OTU Swung on landing and hit concrete post on perimete

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