Pilot Wings

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Description of the Pilot’s Badge (“Wings”):

This badge consists of a full wing with the monogram ‘IAF’ in the centre, wreath, and surmounted by the State Emblem, all embroidered in cotton thread and mounted on dark blue extending 3.2 mm beyond the edges of the embroidery.

The colours of the embroidery are: –
(a) Wings and lettering – White
(b) Laurel wreath – Brown
(c) Shading, eyes of lions and the wheel – Black at he base of the state emblem
(d) Tongue of the lions -Scarlet
(e) Remainder of State Emblem -White



The Standard pilot’s wings consist of a 4 inch long wings brevet with the Ashoka emblem and the letters IAF. This is worn on the Summer work uniform as well as Winter jacket. This wings are also found on the flying suits.



The IAF wings in gold bullion are smaller, around 3 inches in width. These are only worn on the white mess dinner jackets along with the miniature medals. alt
The IAF wings in suede to be worn on flying overalls. Some pilots prefer this to the regular silk wing -
The RIAF Wings in Gold Bullion. P-Wings-1945-g.jpg (13564 bytes)
With the grant of the prefix “Royal” on the IAF in 1945 by King George VI, the new pattern of wings with RIAF appeared. these stayed on in use till 1950 when India turned republic. -
Around the begining of the second world war, the wings were modelled after the standard RAF wings, with the Kings crown on top and the letters IAF within a wreath. -
The oldest style of IAF Pilot wings circa 1935. These had only the star of India on top and the letters ‘IAF’. This example is on display in the Indian Air Force Museum in Palam. alt

Acknowledgements: The Pre-Independence IAF and RIAF wings are courtesy of Arun Agnihotri. The Current Wings were provided by 1.)  David Zothansanga (Latest)  2.) Jagan Pillarisetti (Older, Gold Bullion) 3.) Kapil Chandni (Overall)

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