HAL Tejas Program – 2018 Update

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A program update on the LCA


Program Update by  BR contributor “Abhibhushan”  on 31 March 2018

“To celebrate completion of 65 years of commissioned service and 50 years since assuming my first command of an operational unit, visited the Flying Daggers for tea and crew room Gup. The boys are all experienced pilots. Boys come from varied backgrounds. Mirage 2000, Jaguar, MiG-29, MiG-27 are all represented. Soon there will be boys from Su-30MKI as well. The boys were all very upbeat about their present mount. Some snippets from crew room chatter:-“

* The Mk1 variant is better than un-upgraded Mirage 2000
* Talk about difficulties with maintenance exaggerated
* Intensive operations tried out successfully
* Lots of scope to increase its might
* If it is compared with all other fighters in the IAF for all-round ability, it will easily be within the top third of the list


Prototype Aircraft – Milestones  
Aircraft Type Serial # First Flight Test Pilot
TD-1 KH-2001 04 January 2001 Wing Commander Rajiv Kothiyal
TD-2 KH-2002 06 June 2002 Wing Commander Tarun Banerjee
PV-1 KH-2003 25 November 2003 Squadron Leader Suneet Krishna
PV-2 KH-2004 01 December 2005 Wing Commander Vikram Singh
PV-3 KH-2005 01 December 2006 Group Captain Harish Nayani
PV-5 KH-T2009 26 November 2009 Group Captain Ritu Raj Tyagi and Air Commodore Rohit Verma
PV-6 KH-T2010 08 November 2014 Group Captain Vivart Singh and Group Captain Anoop Kabadwal
LSP-1 KH2011 25 April 2007 Group Captain Aditya Prakash Singh
LSP-2 KH2012 16 June 2008 Wing Commander Narmdeshwar Tiwari
LSP-3 KH2013 13 April 2010 Wing Commander George Thomas
LSP-4 KH2014 02 June 2010 Group Captain Suneet Krishna
LSP-5 KH2015 19 November 2010 Lieutenant Commander Ankur Jain (IN)
LSP-7 KH2017 09 March 2012 Group Captain Kolal Krishnamurthy Venugopal (Retd)
LSP-8 KH2018 31 March 2013 Air Commodore Kalianda Appaya Muthanna (Retd)
NP-1 KHN-T-3001 27 April 2012 Commodore Jaideep Maolankar (IN) and Wing Commander M Prabhu
NP-2 NAVY-3002 07 February 2015 Captain Shivnath Dahiya (IN)


Production Aircraft – Milestones    
Tejas Production Lines        
Line Number Line Name Location Line Capacity Achieved
Line 1 Tejas Division Bengaluru 5 per year
Line 1A Kiran Hangar Bengaluru 3 per year
Line 2 Hawk Hangar Kanpur 8 per year
Line 3 (proposed) Su-30MKI Hangar Nashik 4 per year
Year-Over-Year Tejas Production       
Year Aircraft Delivered Achieved    
2014 One    
2016 Two    
2017 Three    
2018 Five    
2019 Eight [projected]    
2020 Sixteen [vision]    


Aircraft in IAF Service  
No 45 Flying Daggers Squadron, Indian Air Force
Squadron Raising CO – Group Captain Madhav Rangachari    
Present Commanding Officer – Group Captain Samrath Dhankhar    
Squadron Home Base – Sulur AFS    
No 18 Flying Bullets Squadron, Indian Air Force
Squadron Home Base – Sulur AFS


  Future Milestones Planned in 2018, 2019 and 2020
  * SP-12 to SP-16 (five birds in all) are are all on the final equipping phase.
  * 16 Tejas aircraft are to be delivered in 2019-20 fiscal year.
  SP-12 (Line 1) – As of 11 Nov 2018, SP-12 is ready for full performance EGR (engine ground run), with first flight in a week’s time.
  SP-13 (Line 2) – Expected to have first flight in December 2018.
  SP-14 (Line 1) – with the LCA Tejas Division.
  SP-15 (Line 2) – Expected to have first flight in December 2018.
  SP-16 (Line 1) – will have its wings from a private manufacturer – Larsen & Tubro.
  SP-21 (FOC variant) – Assembly of sets of air fame have already started. Expected to have a first flight in October 2019.
  SP-22 (FOC variant) – Assembly of sets of air fame have already started.
  SP-23 (FOC variant) – Parts to be up by the first week of December 2018.
  SP-24 (FOC variant) – Parts to be up by the first week of December 2018.
  83 Tejas Mk1A variants to be ordered by the Ministry of Defence
  Proposal to convert Su-30MKI line to Tejas line, with initial deliveries planned for 4 aircraft per year

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