Training Units (Other)

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Air Force Technical College
(Technical Training College)
Raised : 04 Jul 49 at Jalahalli
Gnanena Shoubamahe
“Pride in oneselves is with Knowledge”
Jalahalli, Bangalore
Institute of Flight Safety Air Defence Ground Environment Systems Training Institute
(Tropo Trg School, ADGES TS)
Raised : 30 Nov 73 at Safdarjung
Praseekshanena Kausalam
Jalahalli West, Bangalore
Air Force Administrative College
(No.3 Air Force College)
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Communication Training Institute
(No.3 GTS)
Raised : 31 Oct 49 at Jalahalli
Vigyanameva Paramam Jyothihi
Jalahalli East, Bangalore
Air Force Physical Fitness School Signals Technical Training School Electrical and Instrumentation Training Institute
(No.5 GTS)
Raised : 5 Sept 62 at Jalahalli
Jalahalli East, Bangalore
Air Defence College
(C&R School)
Raised : 15 Sept 58 at Jodhpur
Memaura AFS, Lucknow

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