History of Maintenance of Indian Air Force 1977-2016

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Announcing a new book on the history of the maintenance of the Indian Air Force  by Wg Cdr A Krupakaran and Air Marshal P Khandekar of the 12 AEC Course. 2022 Book History of Maintenance

12 Aeronautical Engineers’ Course

Author Name: A Krupakaran, P Khandekar  | Format: Hardcover

IAF from its humble beginning in 1932 has transformed itself into fourth largest AF operating at frontiers of technologies with multi-dimensional capabilities and a potent force to reckon with. It is said that the history is written by winners. But what is important is that the history is documented impartially, objectively and factually, as much as possible. It may be worth for IAF to consider coming out with a book each on Operations, Maintenance and Administration, depicting the historical decisions taken – successes and failures in equal measure – and how the IAF progressed over the decades to be what it is today – a professionally managed, optimally exploited, synergistically working and one of the most effective instruments of national power to ensure accomplishing objectives of the nation. “History is an argument without an end” said Pieter Geyl the Dutch historian.

“I am glad to recommend this book to all, as the readers of the book, irrespective of their background, will enjoy the journey of these ‘spanners and screwdrivers’ of 12 AEC covering almost 900 man-years of IAF maintenance. It is also bound to raise curiosity in many minds to know more about air force maintenance. The book may act as a lighthouse for a lot of the present serving aeronautical engineers in their progression.”

– Air Marshal KS Bhatia, PVSM AVSM & BAR

“40 years of IAF maintenance history told through the voices of 39 outstanding air force officers with an unsurpassed breadth of experience and accomplishments. Most inspiring.”

– Ramesh Dontha, Author of The 60-Minute Startup series of books, 3 times bestselling author, Gold Medal Award winner in 2020 Reader’s Favorite International Competition (Marketing)

It is a unique book of anecdotal history of maintenance activities in close to four decades of the Indian Air Force.  The book has been published by Notionpress Chennai and is hard cover priced at Rs 650/-.

Hardcover:₹ 650

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