Order of the British Empire

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Member of the Order of the British Empire

With WWI lasting longer than expected and no suitable way to reward services to the war effort by civilians at home and servicemen in support positions, King George V created another order with five levels. The first two levels confer knighthood. The other three levels – Commander (CBE), Officer (OBE) and Member (MBE)- have been available to Indians. The order could be given generously for services to the Empire at home. in India and in the Dominions and colonies.

The order was created mainly to award non-combatant services to the war and was to include women, whom most existing orders excluded. When the order was created in 1917 it had only one division, but was divided into Civil and Military divisions in 1918. The order at any level can be awarded for gallantry as well as for service. The order took an abrupt change in 1937 when the insignia and the colour of the ribbon were changed.

Officer of the Order of the British Empire – OBE
S No. Rank Name Date Award
1551 Wg Cdr Subroto Mukherjee Jun 1945 OBE
1665 Wg Cdr M M Srinagesh Jan 1946 OBE
Member of the Order of the British Empire – MBE
S No. Rank Name Date Award
1637 Fg Offr David Gordon Bhore Jun 1943 MBE
1963 Fg Offr Harjinder Singh Jun 1943 MBE
1905 Flt Lt Rawel Singh Jun 1944 MBE
1967 Sqn Ldr Safdar Kureshi Jan 1945 MBE
2180 Fg Offr Ram Singh Jan 1945 MBE
1560 Wg Cdr S N Goyal Jan 1946 MBE
2063 Flt Lt S P Mehta Jan 1946 MBE
1691 Sqn Ldr H Shamsi Jan 1946 MBE
2758 Sqn Ldr S N Chakerborty Jun 1946 MBE
2395 Sqn Ldr M J Kripalani Jun 1946 MBE
1698 Sqn Ldr Said Ud Din Jun 1946 MBE
2012 Flt Lt R N Sharma Jun 1946 MBE
2249 Fg Offr Ram Singh Jun 1946 MBE

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