Training Command

Date Raised : 1949-07-22 Location : Bengaluru
Training Command was formed on 22 Jul 1949 with an aim to impart training through training institutes. Training Command traces out its lineage from the No.2 Training Group which was set up immediately after Independence. Training Group was redesignated as Training Command in 1949. On 15 Aug 1947, the Air Force Training Establishments located in India were: (a) Initial Training Wing, Coimbatore formed on 11 Jul 46. (b) Elementary Flying Training School, Jodhpur formed on Jul 42. (c) Advanced Flying Training School, Ambala formed on Jul 41. (d) No.1 Ground Training School, Jalahalli formed on Jul 47. (e) No.2 Ground Training School, Tamabaram formed on Feb 47 No.2 (Indian) Group RAF located at Bangalore
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Unit previously existed as 2 Training Group

Commanding Officers

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DatesRank & NameNumberRemarksLocationPhoto
22 Jul 49 to 03 Dec 52Air Commodore Ravinder Hari Darshan Singh1558 GD(P)AOCBangalore
17 Dec 52 to 10 Jan 56Air Commodore Surendra Nath Goyal1560 GD(P)AOCBangalore
11 Jan 56 to 20 Nov 57Air Commodore Pratap Chandra Lal1567 GD(O)AOCBangalore
27 May 58 to 22 Mar 59Air Commodore Kanwar Jaswant Singh1587 GD(P)AOCBangalore
23 Mar 59 to 12 Apr 60Air Commodore Ranjan Dutt1594 GD(P)AOCBangalore
13 Apr 60 to 29 Dec 60Air Vice Marshal Ranjan Dutt1594 GD(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
01 Apr 61 to 06 Aug 66Air Vice Marshal Surendra Nath Goyal1560 GD(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
10 Aug 66 to 22 Aug 69Air Vice Marshal Teja Singh Virk1621 GD(O)AOC-in-CBangalore
30 Aug 69 to 03 Mar 72Air Vice Marshal Victor Srihari1624 GD(O)AOC-in-CBangalore
04 Mar 72 to 08 Apr 73Air Vice Marshal Anand Ramdas Pandit1707 GD(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
09 Apr 73 to 29 Jun 74Air Vice Marshal Gian Dev Sharma1742 GD(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
01 Jul 74 to 22 Mar 76Air Vice Marshal George Kanishtkumar John2132 GD(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
22 Apr 76 to 22 Sep 76Air Marshal Maurice Barker1691 GD(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
23 Sep 76 to 29 Apr 78Air Marshal Randhir Singh2135 GD(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
11 May 78 to 19 Feb 79Air Marshal Hemant Ramkrishna Chitnis2964 GD(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
20 Feb 79 to 30 Sep 79Air Marshal George Kanishtkumar John2132 GD(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
29 Oct 79 to 19 Sep 81Air Marshal Balwant Wickram Chauhan3352 GD(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
20 Oct 81 to 28 Feb 85Air Marshal Erasseri Pathayapurayil Radhakrishnan Nair3837 GD(N)AOC-in-CBangalore
01 Mar 85 to 30 Nov 87Air Marshal Vir Narain4007 GD(N)AOC-in-CBangalore
01 Dec 87 to 30 Sep 91Air Marshal Jagdish Kumar Seth4403 GD(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
07 Oct 91 to 31 May 93Air Marshal Rajendra Kumar Dhawan4736 GD(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
03 Sep 93 to 31 May 95Air Marshal Verinder Puri5199 GD(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
01 Jul 95 to 31 Dec 97Air Marshal Krishna Bihari Singh5865 GD(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
01 Jan 98 to 31 Mar 01Air Marshal Jagbir Singh Rai6507 GD(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
01 Apr 01 to 31 Dec 02Air Marshal Teshter Jall Master7224 GD(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
14 Feb 03 to 31 May 04Air Marshal Bijoy Krishna Pandey8990 GD(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
12 Jul 04 to 31 Jan 06Air Marshal Subhash Bhojwani9734 GD(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
01 Mar 06 to 31 Oct 06Air Marshal Bhushan Nilkanth Gokhale11630 GD(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
01 Nov 06 to 30 Apr 08Air Marshal Gurnam Singh Choudhary11870 GD(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
01 May 08 to 30 Nov 10Air Marshal Venkataraman Ramamurthy Iyer12939 F(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
01 Dec 10 to 29 Feb 12Air Marshal Dhiraj Kukreja13130 F(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
01 Mar 12 to 30 Jun 13Air Marshal Rajinder Singh13980 F(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
01 Jul 13 to 30 Jun 14Air Marshal Paramjit Singh Gill14097 F(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
01 Jul 14 to 31 Jul 15Air Marshal Ramesh Rai14669 F(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
01 Sep 15 to 31 Jul 18Air Marshal Sridharan Panicker Radha Krishnan Nair16040 F(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
01 Aug 18 to 30 Apr 19Air Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria16026 F(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
01 May 19 to 30 Sep 19Air Marshal Surendra Kumar Ghotia16575 F(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
14 Oct 19 to 30 Sep 20Air Marshal Aravindra Singh Butola16789 F(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
01 Oct 20 to 31 Jul 21Air Marshal Rajiv Dayal Mathur16772 F(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
25 Sep 21 to 31 Dec 22Air Marshal Manavendra Singh16983 F(P)AOC-in-CBangalore
01 Jan 23 to Air Marshal Radhakrishnan Radhish17853 F(P)AOC-in-CBangalore

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