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Date Raised : 1947-05-21 Location : Lohegaon (Pune)
IAF base Pune goes back to the Second World War when the defence of Bombay city and protection of other areas adjoining the city became very vital. The Air Force base was established at Lohegaon to meet these objectives in 1939 as an RIAF base and since then it has been one of the premier air bases in the country. An RIAF Squadron with Mosquito, Willington and Spitfire aircraft moved to this air base in 1939. Gp Capt R Hamildon, DFC was the last British Station Commander of this base. The first Indian Commanding Officer, Wg Cdr HS Ratnagar took over the base on 21 May 47. This base is one of the few bases from where the most variety of aircraft took to the skies and were inducted into the Indian Air Force. Several newly inducted aircraft have taken to the skies from this base. This base inducted the Tempest (3 Sqn, 1947), B-24 Liberator (6 Sqn, 1950s),Vampire(23 Sqn, 1950), Canberra (16 and 35 Sqn, 1957), Super Constellation(6 Sqn, 1960s, Hunter(17 Sqn, 1960s), the first indigenous combat aircraft Marut (220 Sqn, 1969) and MiG-21 Bis (28 Sqn, 1963). In recent history, the base was chosen for the induction of the maritime strike Jaguar aircraft (6 Sqn, 1986). MiG-29 (47 Sqn, 1987), Su-30 K (24 Sqn, 1997) and the Su-30 MKI (20 Sqn, 2002) aircraft Practically. all the aircraft. on the inventory of Indian Air Force since Independence have taken to the skies from Pune at sometime or the other. During 1965 and 1971 conflicts with Pakistan this base was utilised as a staging base for fighter and bomber operations.

Commanding Officers

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DatesRank & NameNumberRemarksLocationPhoto
21 May 47 to 30 Sep 48Wing Commander Homi Shapurji Ratnagar1588 GD(P)Stn CdrLohegaon (Pune)
10 Oct 48 to 15 Nov 49Wing Commander Jagdish Chandra Varma1646 GD(P)Stn CdrLohegaon (Pune)
16 Nov 49 to 01 Apr 52Group Captain Ramchander Atmaram1583 GD(P)Stn CdrLohegaon (Pune)
19 May 52 to 22 Oct 54Group Captain Victor Srihari1624 GD(O)Stn CdrLohegaon (Pune)
23 Oct 54 to 27 Apr 59Group Captain Minoo Merwan Engineer1614 GD(P)Stn CdrLohegaon (Pune)
28 Apr 59 to 06 May 60Group Captain Hari Chand Dewan1598 GD(P)Stn CdrLohegaon (Pune)
01 Jun 60 to 10 Dec 62Group Captain Sarosh Jehangir Dastur1792 GD(O)Stn CdrLohegaon (Pune)
11 Dec 62 to 31 Jul 64Group Captain Surinder Singh Achreja1987 GD(O)Stn CdrLohegaon (Pune)
01 Aug 64 to 26 Dec 66Group Captain Rointon Merwan Engineer2120 GD(P)Stn CdrLohegaon (Pune)
10 Jan 67 to 07 Apr 68Group Captain Surinder Singh3009 GD(P)Stn CdrLohegaon (Pune)
08 Apr 68 to 01 Aug 70Air Commodore Idris Hasan Latif1804 GD(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
16 Aug 70 to 25 Jan 73Air Commodore Dilbagh Singh2998 GD(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
26 Jan 73 to 31 May 75Air Commodore Saroj Jena3157 GD(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
01 Apr 75 to 25 Feb 76Air Commodore Krishna Mohan Ram3101 GD(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
26 Feb 76 to 01 Jan 79Air Commodore Santosh Kumar Jain3575 GD(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
01 Jan 79 to 25 Feb 82Air Commodore Nirmal Chandra Suri4236 GD(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
20 Feb 82 to 31 Dec 84Air Commodore Edwin Godfrey Salins4796 GD(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
01 Jan 85 to 24 Sep 86Air Commodore Kalpathy Annanthakrishna Hariharan5185 GD(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
25 Sep 86 to 23 Mar 88Air Commodore Janak Pratap Singh5672 GD(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
25 Mar 88 to 03 Jan 90Air Commodore Iqbal Singh Bindra6360 GD(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
04 Jan 90 to 29 Dec 91Air Commodore Srinivasapuram Krishnaswamy6338 GD(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
30 Dec 91 to 01 Apr 93Air Commodore Suresh Kumar Sonpar6126 GD(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
01 May 93 to 09 May 95Air Commodore Amalendra Nath Sen8395 GD(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
09 May 95 to 21 Jan 97Air Commodore Chittatoor Doraiswami Chandrasekhar8426 GD(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
28 Jan 97 to 31 May 99Air Commodore Harish Masand11272 GD(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
31 May 99 to 03 Jan 01Air Commodore Ajit Vishwanath Vaidya11848 GD(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
04 Jan 01 to 09 Jan 03Air Commodore Norman Anil Kumar Browne13129 F(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
10 Jan 03 to 10 Oct 04Air Commodore Bidanda Chengapa Nanjappa13246 F(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
11 Oct 04 to 10 Dec 06Air Commodore Madhusudhan Banerjee13400 F(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
11 Dec 06 to 28 Mar 08Air Commodore Pradeep Singh14086 F(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
29 Mar 08 to 14 Feb 10Air Commodore Karath Padmadass Nair15195 F(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
15 Feb 10 to 29 Jul 11Air Commodore Shreesh Mohan16966 F(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
30 Jul 11 to 30 Mar 13Air Commodore Vivek Ram Chaudhari16978 F(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
08 Apr 13 to 25 Dec 14Air Commodore Surat Singh18563 F(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
26 Dec 14 to 01 Jan 17Air Commodore Awadesh Kumar Bharti18781 F(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
02 Jan 17 to 11 Nov 18Air Commodore Kariat Vadukkoote Surendran Nair19528 F(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)
12 Nov 18 to Air Commodore Rahul Bhasin20745 F(P)AOCLohegaon (Pune)

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