IAF, IA and IN Aircraft Losses Database

1943 : 49

A total of 49 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraft TypeTail NoPilot/CrewPhotoUnitRemarks
16 Jan 43 Audax K5594 Plt Offr J L Loam RAF
Plt Offr W M Awan
1SFTS Crashed on trg sortie at Ambala
23 Jan 43 Tigermoth II AX798
1SFTS VT-AIF eng failure on TO from George strip FL SOC
23 Jan 43 Hart (India) K2124 Fg Offr H M Hart RAF
AC D M Collier
1SFTS eng ct, overturn in FL at tofanpur, :Punjab 23-1-4
28 Jan 43 Audax (India) K5583
1ATU 1ATU sol and OT Bairagarh 28-1-43 ROS
03 Feb 43 Tigermoth VT-ALH Offr Cdt Kolhatkar
04 Feb 43 Tigermoth DH82 VT-ANB
Offr Cdt Wood
1EFTS Cr at hakimpet ALG during LL aerobatics SOC Cat E2
05 Feb 43Wellington III B HF673 Sgt Amar Chandra De*
1OADU Cr off cliff from Portreath runway ac onway to Gib
07 Feb 43 Vengeance Fg Offr Kartar Singh
7 crashed at Kabul river , Flt Sgt Ghosh OK
21 Feb 43 Audax (India) K4840 Plt Offr Ghisad
3 1 SFTS 3s, taxied into tent Ismail Khan LG 21-2-43
23 Feb 43 Audax (India) K7503 Plt Offr Madhusudan Murlidhar Date*
1SFTS flew into high ground 1.5 m S of Kasauli 23-2-43 1
27 Feb 43 Audax (India) K5574 Plt Offr Lall Singh
Click to View Record 3 3s taxied into obstruction Risalpur 27-2-43 ROS
27 Feb 43 Hart (India) K2112
1SFTS hit by Audax K3088 23-12-41 uc collapse on FL at B
02 Mar 43 Hurricane IIc Fg Offr B R Sanjana*
Click to View Record 6 Cr enroute to Bhopal near Boira
09 Mar 43 Audax (India) K7313
1SFTS Hit ground during Aerobatics Ambala 9-3-43 1 kille
17 Mar 43 Tigermoth DH82 VT-AGR Plt Offr Purushottam
Click to View Record 1EFTS While flying low at Medchal VT-AGR struck two pede
23 Mar 43 Hart (India) K2104
1ATU Overshot landing 23-3-43 Bairagarh W/o
27 Mar 43 Hart (India) K2083
1SFTS Uc Collapse in Heavy ldg Peshawr 27-3-43
15 Apr 43 Hart (India) K2131
1ATU dmg taxing at Bairagarh 15-4-43
21 Apr 43 Hart (India) K2095 -
1ATU Wrecked in Gale Bairagarh
21 Apr 43 Hart (India) K2111 -
1AGS(I) Wrecked in Gale Bairagarh
21 Apr 43 Hart (India) K2116 -
1ATU Wrecked in Gale Bairagarh
21 Apr 43 Hart (India) K2117 -
1ATU Wrecked in Gale Bairagarh
21 Apr 43 Audax (India) K5167
1ATU Wrecked in Gale Bairagarh
21 Apr 43 Audax (India) K5562
1ATU Wrecked in Gale Bairagarh
21 Apr 43 Audax (India) K5588
1ATU Wrecked in Gale Bairagarh
22 Apr 43 Hurricane IIc Sqn Ldr Habib Ullah Khan*
Click to View Record 2 Hazaribagh
23 Apr 43Harlow PC-5A C DR425
22AACU Divied into ground
24 Apr 43 Audax (India) K4851
1ATU Wrecked in Gale Bairagarh
29 Apr 43 Vengeance AN997 Plt Offr M K Chand*
Click to View Record 152OTU fm 8 Sqn DiG 2m S of Peshawar
29 May 43 Vengeance AN913 Plt Offr K S Sandhu*
Click to View Record 152OTU fm 8 Sqn Cr nr Peshawar firing range
15 Jun 43 Audax (India) K4854 Fg Offr Shahi
Click to View Record 3 3s flew into hills on test flight Kohat pass 15-6-
17 Jun 43 Audax (India) K4859 Fg Offr J S Kochhar
1AGS(I) 1AGS taxied into ditch, Bairagarh 17-6-43
17 Jun 43 Audax (India) K2003
1SFTS 1AGSI Prop hit gd on TO overturned Bairagarh 17-6-
21 Jun 43 Tigermoth DH82 LR228
22AACU AKW cr after to and burnt out at field Poonia nr K
03 Jul 43 Wapiti IIA K1403 Plt Offr Charan Das Sharma *
Sgt G W C Hutchings*
22AACU 2CDF 2AACU(I) , 22 AACU staled 12m N of Bombay 3-7
10 Jul 43 Hart (India) K2100 -
151OTU Damaged in gale in Jodhpur
19 Jul 43 Tigermoth II HK812
2EFTS Stalled and Crashed at Mellana AF, Jodhpur, uc col
29 Jul 43 Audax (India) K5575 Fg Offr Pratap Lall Singh
Click to View Record 1SFTS 3s `SFTS eng cut on appraoch kohat 29-7-43
12 Aug 43 Audax (India) K7482 Plt Offr Sen Gupta
3 3s swung on ldg tipped up , Kohat 12-8-43 ROS
18 Aug 43 Vengeance
8 Cr Thuna Range, Bhopal. Crew escaped with minor in
21 Aug 43 Audax (India) K4850 Fg Offr S B Noronha
Click to View Record 3 3s Cr in FL Razmak 21-8-43
04 Sep 43 Tigermoth II DG512
2EFTS Dived into ground after stalling at 1000 feet near
09 Sep 43 Audax (India) K3098
3 3Sqn Swung into dutch in Miransha 9-9-43
11 Sep 43 Tigermoth II DG515
2EFTS Spun into trees after stalling in a climbing turn
21 Sep 43 Hurricane IIc KX112 Fg Offr H S B Tyabji*
Click to View Record 4 Cr on flight to Bairagarh
21 Sep 43 Hurricane IIc HW493 Sqn Ldr S W Baldie RAF*
4 Cr on flight to Bairagarh
09 Nov 43 Harvard II Fg Offr Iqbal Singh*
3 F/O C E Verghese k on Instrument flying sortie
17 Dec 43 Hart (India) K8328
151OTU 3s 7s Cr ldg Miranshah
31 Dec 43 Hurricane IIc Fg Offr Pirojshah Reporter*
6 Failed to return from sortie

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