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A total of 54 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraft TypeTail NoPilot/CrewPhotoUnitRemarks
01 Feb 41 Audax (India) K5572 Plt Offr Jehangir Merwan Engineer
Click to View Record 1 Pranged at Miranshah
12 Mar 41 Audax (India) K5576
1 1s Stalled on app and hit ground Miramshah 12-3-41
10 Apr 41 Audax (India) K5571 Flt Lt Narendra
Click to View Record 1 FL near Spinwan - Pilot escaped ac set on fire
30 May 41 Audax (India) K5582
1 1s hit obstr on night take off miramshah 30-5-41 R
18 Sep 41 Audax (India) K5577 Plt Offr K M Mukerjee*
Click to View Record 2 2s Lost ht in turn during LL practice Kohat Bombin
27 Sep 41 Audax (India) K4852
1 1s engcut FL overturned Miramshah 27-9-41
06 Oct 41 Audax (India) K4861 Fg Offr Arjan Singh
Click to View Record 2 1s 2s dam by ground fire and hit boulder landing i
07 Nov 41 Audax (India) K5564 Plt Offr Bhasker Daniel Gnanamuthu*
2 2s 1s eng smoke dived into hill near Razami 7-11-4
13 Nov 41 Audax (India) K3077 Plt Offr Ghulam Nabi Khan*
1SFTS Hit trees at night Ambalal 13.11.41 1k
14 Nov 41 Audax (India) K7357 Plt Offr Vicoo Jehangir Billimoria
1SFTS abandoned on night navex Bhiwani 64m WNW Delhi 14
20 Dec 41 Audax (India) K5255 Plt Offr Ranbir Singh
1SFTS Swung on appra and overturned Ambala 20-12-41
27 Jan 42 Audax (India) K3097 Fg Offr B S Dugal
1SFTS Overturned in FL 1m SW of Thanasar 27-1-42
31 Jan 42 Audax (India) K4849 Plt Offr O P Mehra
Click to View Record 3 Cr on L at Miranshah, Gunner Sgt Muralidhar
01 Mar 42 Audax (India) K4843 Plt Offr V K Reddy
3 Cr on L at Kohat, overturned
30 Apr 42 Audax (India) K5142
1SFTS 6CDF 1 SFTS hit tree on appraoch and uc collapse A
13 May 42 Audax (India) K4848
3 3s uc collapse in FL Miranshan 13-5-42
14 May 42 Audax (India) K8319 Plt Offr Murkot Ramunny
Click to View Record 1SFTS DNE - Ambala - ground collision with another Audax
20 May 42 Audax (India) K5569
6CDF 6CDF hit by J 9496 20-5-42 Drigh Road
20 May 42 Audax (India) K7529
1SFTS DiG at night Sitapur 8m NW of Ambala 20-5-42 1 kil
01 Jun 42 Audax (India) K7336 Plt Offr Khan
1SFTS uccollapse Heavy ldg ambala 1-6-42 ROS
02 Jun 42 Audax (India) K5571 Plt Offr Ameer Qamaruzzaman
Plt Offr Trilochan Singh*
1SFTS 2s hit tree rec fromdive 5m NE of Ambala 2-6-42 1
02 Jun 42 Audax (India) K5572
1AGS(I) 1s 1AGS hit tree rec from dive 2-6-42 ROS
06 Jun 42 Audax (India) K5589 Plt Offr K M David
Click to View Record 1SFTS tax into K8319 Ambala 14-5-42 , Uc Collapse in H
07 Jun 42 Audax (India) K4857 Plt Offr I N Shiv Puri
1SFTS 1s 2s caught fire while parked Ambala 7-6-42
10 Jun 42 Audax (India) K7484 Plt Offr C G Devasher
Click to View Record 1SFTS Overturned in FL in bad weather on navex 13m SW of
16 Jun 42 Audax (India) K7539 Plt Offr Gopal Dass
1SFTS stalled onldg uc collapse ambala 16-6-42
25 Jun 42 Audax (India) K3102 Plt Offr F E Banburry RAF
Cpl A W McKinnion
1SFTS Uc collapse Ambala 25-6-42
11 Jul 42 Audax (India) K5603 Plt Offr Gage RAF
Plt Offr M I Khan
1SFTS caught fire after ldg Ambala 11-7-42
25 Jul 42 Audax (India) K5568
1ATU 1ATU EC OT FL Pempora 25-7-42
30 Jul 42 Audax (India) K4856 Plt Offr Z A Sanjana*
3 Cr on Tac R Mission to Dara Khel, AG Ayre Killed
27 Aug 42 Audax (India) K4858
1ATU overturn in FL Bairagarh 27-8-42
11 Sep 42 Audax (India) K7442 Plt Offr M S Khan
1SFTS EC Hit Tree in FL 1m SE of Ambala 11-9-42
15 Sep 42 Audax (India) K3088 Plt Offr Ballick RAF
1SFTS 1 SFTS w/o 15-9-42 Cr and Burnt at Sangrin, Patia
17 Sep 42 Audax (India) K5237
3 3s tipped up kanpur 17-9-42
18 Sep 42 Audax (India) K5581
3 3s stalled on TO Mirmasha 18-9-42
03 Oct 42 Audax (India) K7547 Plt Offr A S Sekhon
1SFTS Bounced on ldg and uc collapse 3-10-42 fuselage to
03 Oct 42 Audax (India) K5597 Plt Offr F J Dee RAF
1SFTS hit tree on appr and spun into gd Ambala 3-10-42 1
16 Jan 43 Audax K5594 Plt Offr J L Loam RAF
Plt Offr W M Awan
1SFTS Crashed on trg sortie at Ambala
28 Jan 43 Audax (India) K5583
1ATU 1ATU sol and OT Bairagarh 28-1-43 ROS
21 Feb 43 Audax (India) K4840 Plt Offr Ghisad
3 1 SFTS 3s, taxied into tent Ismail Khan LG 21-2-43
23 Feb 43 Audax (India) K7503 Plt Offr Madhusudan Murlidhar Date*
1SFTS flew into high ground 1.5 m S of Kasauli 23-2-43 1
27 Feb 43 Audax (India) K5574 Plt Offr Lall Singh
3 3s taxied into obstruction Risalpur 27-2-43 ROS
09 Mar 43 Audax (India) K7313
1SFTS Hit ground during Aerobatics Ambala 9-3-43 1 kille
21 Apr 43 Audax (India) K5167
1ATU Wrecked in Gale Bairagarh
21 Apr 43 Audax (India) K5562
1ATU Wrecked in Gale Bairagarh
21 Apr 43 Audax (India) K5588
1ATU Wrecked in Gale Bairagarh
24 Apr 43 Audax (India) K4851
1ATU Wrecked in Gale Bairagarh
15 Jun 43 Audax (India) K4854 Fg Offr Shahi
Click to View Record 3 3s flew into hills on test flight Kohat pass 15-6-
17 Jun 43 Audax (India) K4859 Fg Offr J S Kochhar
1AGS(I) 1AGS taxied into ditch, Bairagarh 17-6-43
17 Jun 43 Audax (India) K2003
1SFTS 1AGSI Prop hit gd on TO overturned Bairagarh 17-6-

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