IAF, IA and IN Aircraft Losses Database

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A total of 36 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraft TypeTail NoPilot/CrewPhotoUnitRemarks
15 Apr 40 Hart (India) K2090 Plt Offr D A Samant
FTS Risalpur
19 Mar 41 Hart (India) K2088
1SFTS EngCut, Cr FL Lalru 19-3-41
14 Apr 41 Hart (India) K2097
1SFTS lost ht and cr at Amblaa 14-4-41
13 May 41 Hart (India) K8731
1SFTS engine cut; stalled in forced landing and undercar
14 Jun 41 Hart (India) K2102
1SFTS swung on ldg and tipped up Ambala 14-6-41
08 Oct 41 Hart (India) K2103 Fg Offr Jehangir Merwan Engineer
Click to View Record 1CDF Crashed, 8 Oct41, at Tanjore.
04 Nov 41 Hart (India) K2099
1SFTS cr on ldg overturned Drigh Road 4-11-41
22 Nov 41 Hart (India) K2105
1SFTS Flew into ground during low level bombing practice
17 Mar 42 Hart (India) K3921
1SFTS overshot landing and hit concrete pillar Ambala 17
07 Apr 42 Hart (India) K2125
1SFTS eng cut cr l and hit drain 2m E of Ambala 7-4-42
02 May 42 Hart (India) K2089
1ATU ATU stalled and DiG 3m SW Peshawar 2-5-42 1 kille
02 May 42 Hart (India) K2090
1SFTS MAC Audax 3098 during takeoff Amblaa 2-5-42
20 May 42 Hart (India) K2123 Plt Offr Noor Mohamad Moosaboy Sheriff*
1CDF Spun into Sea off Chamberanab, P/O S S Bali K
23 May 42 Hart (India) K2126
1ATU uc collapse on ldg at Peshawar 23-5-42
25 May 42 Hart (India) K2119
1SFTS blown away in dust storm at Ambala 25-5-42
08 Jun 42 Hart (India) K2113 - -
1SFTS PT-B dam 8-6-42 SOC 44 ac tipped over during main
15 Jun 42 Hart (India) K2106
1SFTS ARSC Bamga;pre I/c collapse at Goldfield, Mysore 1
10 Jul 42 Hart (India) K2130 Plt Offr M A Khan
1SFTS NB-E EngCutUClps on FL Toda, 16m NW of Samli 10-
14 Jul 42 Hart (India) K3922
1ATU sw on ldg ovrtrn Bairagarh 14-7-42 1AGS(I)
03 Aug 42 Hart (India) K2114 Plt Offr A S Latif
Click to View Record 1SFTS overturned after FL 8m NE f Ambala 3-8-42
03 Aug 42 Hart (India) K2096 Plt Offr Noah
1SFTS overturned FL landing in bad weather alipur 14m N
06 Aug 42 Hart (India) K2109 Plt Offr Faiz Ahmed
1SFTS overshot forcelanding at Ambala 6-8-42
08 Sep 42 Hart (India) K8627
1SFTS Stalled at low altitude and crashed, Khera, 8 1/2m
25 Oct 42 Hart (India) K2093 Plt Offr Subhas Kishore Ray*
2CDF Dived into Sea
09 Nov 42 Hart (India) K2091
1ATU stalled on ldg Bairagarh 9-11-42
23 Jan 43 Hart (India) K2124 Fg Offr H M Hart RAF
AC D M Collier
1SFTS eng ct, overturn in FL at tofanpur, :Punjab 23-1-4
27 Feb 43 Hart (India) K2112
1SFTS hit by Audax K3088 23-12-41 uc collapse on FL at B
23 Mar 43 Hart (India) K2104
1ATU Overshot landing 23-3-43 Bairagarh W/o
27 Mar 43 Hart (India) K2083
1SFTS Uc Collapse in Heavy ldg Peshawr 27-3-43
15 Apr 43 Hart (India) K2131
1ATU dmg taxing at Bairagarh 15-4-43
21 Apr 43 Hart (India) K2095 -
1ATU Wrecked in Gale Bairagarh
21 Apr 43 Hart (India) K2111 -
1AGS(I) Wrecked in Gale Bairagarh
21 Apr 43 Hart (India) K2116 -
1ATU Wrecked in Gale Bairagarh
21 Apr 43 Hart (India) K2117 -
1ATU Wrecked in Gale Bairagarh
10 Jul 43 Hart (India) K2100 -
151OTU Damaged in gale in Jodhpur
17 Dec 43 Hart (India) K8328
151OTU 3s 7s Cr ldg Miranshah

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