IAF Awards for the Kargil Conflict

The Indian Air Force released this list of names for gallantry in the Kargil Conflict. In the first award list in August 1999, two Vir Chakras were awarded, including one posthumous award. 26 Vayu Sena Medals were awarded for gallantry and 73 personnel were mention-in-despatches. All the IAF personnel who were killed in action were honoured, as was the sole personal to be taken prisoner by the Pakistanis.


Wg Cdr Anil Kumar Sinha No. 128 HU Mi-17 Led the Heli attack sorties over Tololing 
Sqn Ldr Ajay Ahuja* No.17 Sqn MiG-21M Shot Down & Killed while trying to locate another downed pilot.


Wg Cdr Alagaraja Perumal No. 106 Sqn Canberra Flew back Canberra hit by a Stinger Missile

VAYU SENA MEDAL: 26 + 3 +1


Gp Capt Satish Pal Singh 25 Sqn IL-76 CO For air support sorties
Wg Cdr Ashminder Singh Bahal      
Wg Cdr Raghunath Nambiar 7 Sqn Mirage 2000 Air strikes on enemy staging camps
Sqn Ldr Rajiv Pundir* 152HU Mi-17 Co-Pilot, Shot Down & Killed by SAM at Tololing
Sqn Ldr Mohan Rao      
Sqn Ldr Vishwas Gaur      
Sqn Ldr Sanjay Bhatnagar      
Sqn Ldr Gurcharan Singh Bedi      
Sqn Ldr Dilip Kumar Patnaik 7 Sqn Mirage 2000 Tiger Hill LGB Bombing
Sqn Ldr Ajai Prakash Srivastava     For devising of Marking Target Areas with Colored Smoke
Sqn Ldr Alok Choudhry      
Sqn Ldr Narender Singh Verma   Mi-17 Pilot, Tololing Strikes
Sqn Ldr Amanjeet Singh Heer     For filming bomb effects using personal Video Cam
Sqn Ldr Nitish Kumar   Mi-17 Pilot, Tololing Strikes
Sqn Ldr Harender Pal Singh      
Sqn Ldr Shaji Jacob Air HQ   For Photo Interpretation Work during Kargil
Sqn Ldr K I Ravi 7 Sqn   Tec Offr  Adapted 1000lbs to Mirage 2000s
Flt Lt Shreepad Tokekar     For bombing attack on Tiger Hill
Flt Lt Rajesh Walia      
Flt Lt Ashish Gupta      
Flt Lt Subramaniam Muhilan* 152 HU Mi-17 Pilot, Shot Down & Killed by SAM at Tololing
Flt Lt Gaurav Chibbar * 223 Sqn MiG-29 For CAP and escort missions
Flt Lt Kambapatti Nachiketa 9 Sqn MiG-27 SD & Taken POW during air strikes in Mashkoh
Fg Off Rajpal Singh Dhaliwal     Night Strikes on targets from 27th July 99 onwards
WO Krishan Singh Dhillon      
Sgt PVNR Prasad* 152 HU Mi-17 Flt Gunner,Shot Down & Killed by SAM at Tololing
Sgt Taposh Ghosh      
Sgt Raj Kishore Sahu* 152 HU Mi-17 Flt Engg,Shot Down & Killed by SAM at Tololing


Sqn Ldr P K Bundela 45 Sqn MiG-21 Pilot who shot down the PN Atlantique
Wg Cdr V S Sharma ATC Nalia   Fighter controller of the Interception
Sqn Ldr Pankaj Vishnoi ??? HU Mi-17 Pilot of chopper that recovered Wreckage


Wg Cdr U K Jha No. 106 Sqn Canberra Flew back Canberra hit by a Stinger Missile


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*Denotes Posthumous awards.

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