Aircraft Losses in the 47-48 Operations

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The fledgling Indian Air Force committed almost its entire fighter resources to the 1947-48 Kashmir Operations. Tempests of Nos 7, 8 and 10 Squadron took part in the fighting as well as the sole Transport Squadron, No.12 flying the venerable Dakota.

Inevitabily , there were losses during the operations – both combat causes as well as accidents. Sadly there is no single source for us to table all the losses in one place.


Date Aircraft Unit Name of the Pilot S.No Remarks Fate
30-Oct-47 Dakota 12 Flt Lt Clifford Joseph Mendoza MA965 Crashed at Pir Panjal 24 Killed. Killed
05-Nov-47 Spitfire AFSI Fg Offr PVS Ram . BO near Muree, Pakistan on flight to Srinagar. POW
25-Nov-47 Spitfire VIII AFSI Fg Offr H C Sahgal JF694 BL near Chamb after GF damage Safe
01-Dec-47 Harvard 7 Fg Offr Ulrich Anthony D’Cruz . SD Ground Fire. Pilot and Pax (PN Sharma) POW POW
10-Dec-47 Tempest 7 Sqn Ldr S B Noronha . Dam Ground fire. BO over Jammu BO
29-Jan-48 Tempest 10 Fg Offr Amit Singh Bakshi . Cr Landing at Jammu, ac caught fire and destroyed injured
15-Mar-48 Tempest 8 Fg Offr Donald Michael PR749 Dam Ground Fire . Cr on Landing at Jammu ALG Safe
16-Mar-48 Tempest 7 Fg Offr Balwant Singh PR597 SD Ground Fire attacking a Bridge. Killed
21-Mar-48 Dakota 12 Wg Cdr KL Bhatia VP914 hit by artillery fire after landing at Poonch Air Field Safe
22-Mar-48 Tempest 10 Flt Lt Sardindu Dasgupta PR660 Killed during an operational sortie in Kashmir Killed
22-Mar-48 Tempest 10 Plt Offr G B Cabral Overshot Poonch Runway crashed into river Safe
12-May-48 Tempest 8 Fg Offr Derek Austin O’ Brien PR601 Stuck throttle on Ldg at Jammu. Crashed Killed
08-Aug-48 Tempest 8 Flt Lt Aloysius William Barrette HA431 Crashed after TO from Jammu airfield Killed
12-Sep-48 Tempest 7 Plt Offr Donald George Baptiste HA411 SD AAA Kishenganga 1210 Hours 2 m from Tithwal Killed
03-Oct-48 Tempest 7 Fg Offr UG Wright HA363 SD AAA BO Pandu, made it back to our lines DNE BO
05-Nov-48 Tempest 10 Plt Offr Ivor Patrick Carrapiett HA416 Failed to return from Sortie near Chamb. Killed
??-???-48 Tempest 10 Plt Offr G B Cabral SD AA BO over Tithwal in No Mans land BO
Grand losses 17 Known Losses
AAA : Anti Aircraft Artillery
BO: Baled Out
TO: Take Off
Ldg : Landing
AFSI: Advanced Flying School (India)
POW: Prisoner of War
SD : Shot Down
Dam: Damaged



An Incredible War : The RIAF in the Kashmir Operations – Air Marshal Bharat Kumar
Memorial Book – Sqn Ldr R T S Chhina.
Inside Occupied Kashmir – P N Sharma
Aircrew Logbooks – Gp Capt K L Bhatia, Wg Cdr D G Michael, Wg Cdr H C Sahgal

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