The first Gazette of India notification

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From the Archives, Recently while working with Anchit Gupta, we discovered the original gazette notification for the first six Indian Air Force Officers to be commissioned in the Indian Air Force.

The images below, showing Gazette Notification No. 47 , show that the Six Officers have a commission date of 15th August 1932 for the purpose of pay and pension. It was published in the Gazette dated 28th January 1933

Full Page Capture of the Gazette of India. Note that there is a reference to a previous notification from 8th October 1932 that was cancelled based on this.

This is likely only a notification to put on record the actual date for pay and pension. There is another notification that is needed to be located, the 8th October 1932 note on the passing of the Indian Air Force Act and the appointment of these officers in the rank of Pilot Officer on that ate.

Reference The Gazette of India 1933 : Part I 1933 Digitized Document Library Collection LIB_000000001904

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