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A total of 99 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraft TypeTail NoPilot/CrewPhotoUnitRemarks
12 Mar 45 Harvard IIB FS994 Actg Plt O R L SAYCE
Click to View Record 1SFTS UC Collapse on landing, ambala, Cat A
20 Mar 45 Harvard IIB FE370
1SFTS Missing
28 Mar 45 Harvard IIB FE413 Actg Plt O P K GHOSH
1SFTS Ran out of fuel , forced to belly land on last leg
04 Apr 45 Harvard IIB FE953 Flt Lt C Satyanarayana
Click to View Record 7 Sqn Cr L lost Kanbalu Burma, lost his way to Imphal
04 Apr 45 Harvard IIB FE666 Fg Offr M K Khan
Click to View Record 9 Sqn Swung on landing, uc collapse at Cox Bazaar when i
24 Apr 45 Harvard IIB FS949 W/O D N BOOTH
22AACU Hit cables after doing low beat up at 200 feet. ai
11 May 45 Harvard IIB FS781 W/O E B Bull
151OTU AC Swung on landing, u/c collapsed. mainplane aile
14 Jul 45 Harvard IIB FE484 Fg Offr G Saunder
1SFTS Abandoned in Spin, 5m SE of Patiala
23 Apr 46 Harvard IIB FE603 Flt Lt Kelvington
Actg Plt O G D Clarke
Click to View Record 1SFTS Abandoned after engine failure Ambala
13 May 46 Harvard IIB FE471 Fg Offr Frank Anthony Micetech +
1SFTS Crashed on overshoot during practice forced landin
30 May 46 Harvard IIB FE424 Actg Plt O J C Plomer
Actg Plt O M D Rathan
1SFTS Ambala pilot hit FE 712 during Taxi
30 May 46 Harvard IIB FE712 - -
1SFTS Hit on ground by FE424 while parked
30 May 46 Harvard IIB FE432
1SFTS Crashed on overshoot. Aircraft bounced on landing
19 Jun 46 Harvard IIB FE719 Plt Offr Sarwan Singh +
1SFTS AC hit ground 15 M NE of Jalandhar
05 Sep 46 Harvard IIB FE958
1SFTS Crashed on landing. Ambala ac swung on ldg damagin
06 Nov 46 Harvard IIB FE546 Fg Offr Bakshi /Bakhshi
1SFTS Engine failure, badly damaged Cat ES awaiting STri
06 Jan 47 Harvard IIB FE371
1SFTS crew lost in poor weather and BO 12m w of Belar
19 Mar 47 Harvard IIB FE380
1SFTS Ambala - ac failed to TO during touch and go - pro
05 May 47 Harvard IIB KF114 Sqn Ldr Dilip Kumar Bose +
Kohat CF Kohat stn flt - AC stalled on turn after TO,
18 Jul 47 Harvard IIB FE971 Plt Offr Robert Williams Traise +
1SFTS Aircraft struck ground with full power Cat E struc
01 Dec 47 Harvard T-6 Flt Lt Ulrich Anthony D'Cruz
Click to View Record 7 Sqn SD by Ground fire
20 Jul 48 Harvard IIB HT-313
Fg Offr Chaman Lal Dutta
Click to View Record AFS(I) Accdent
21 Sep 50 Harvard T-6 Flt Cdt P R Singh +
k in Night Force landing - Also mentioned In Memo
15 Nov 50 Harvard T-6 Fg Offr Naresh Chandra Bhatnagar +
Flt Cdr A K M Koshy +
2 AFA In Memoriam
19 Jun 51 Harvard T-6 Fg Offr Vikramajit Rikh +
Plt Offr Julius Celio Rodrigues +
3 Sqn Stalled at Jamnagar 2 killed
22 Aug 51 Harvard T-6 Sqn Ldr Rustom Sorabji Kalyaniwala +
Click to View Record Mil Wing Cabinet Sectt, Attd
09 Dec 52 Harvard T-6 Flt Lt Jayati Brata Guha +
Fg Offr Tolstoy Gilbert D' Souza +
2 AFA Aerobatics Jodhpur
07 Oct 53 Harvard T-6 Flt Cdt H S Bakshi +
Fg Offr Mohinder Singh Chhokar +
24 Dec 53 Harvard T-6 Fg Offr Satyendra Narayan Acharya +
Flt Cdt R Sharma +
2 AFA Ac taxying on ground hit by another Harvard. Whil
28 Apr 55 Harvard T-6 Fg Offr A K Singh
Flt Cdt N P Penticoss +
1 AFA In Memoriam
09 Oct 55 Harvard T-6 Flt Lt Pervez Kavasji Ghandhi +
Flt Lt Neil Eugene Todd +
AHQ Comm S Cr at Palam AFB . Engine Failure http://rsdebate.n
13 Oct 55 Harvard T-6 IT-315 Fg Offr Karambir Singh +
Fg Offr Nozar Naoroz Dadachanji +
CTU Cr Nizampet Reservoir - Unauthorised Aerobatics ov
17 Mar 56 Harvard T-6 Flt Cdt G S Davis +
AFFC In Memoriam
23 Mar 59 Harvard T-6 Flt Cdt Amar Nath Deodhar +
Flt Lt Gandharva Sen
Click to View Record AFFC The a/c failed to recover and the instructor asked
27 Sep 59 Harvard T-6 Fg Offr Dinnapadue Venkata Ranga Reddi+
53 AAF Sqn
21 Jan 61 Harvard T-6 Flt Lt Bhinder
Flt Lt Farokh Jehangir Mehta
Click to View Record 2 AFA Swung left during a Roller take off - hit MES gate
12 Mar 61 Harvard T-6 Fg Offr Vaidyanathan Ganesan +
Fg Offr Calathur Ram Mohan
53 AAF Sqn Malfunction Pilot chose to stay. An Indian Air For
14 May 62 Harvard T-6 Flt Lt Jaganathan Vijayaraghavan +
Plt Offr Walter Edward Evans
53 AAF Sqn Failed to recover from Spin. Evans Baled out
01 Mar 63 Harvard T-6 Flt Lt Farokh Jehangir Mehta
Click to View Record 2 AFA Sortie for remuster with CFI. Landed back . Heavy
18 Aug 63 Harvard T-6 Flt Cdt A K Verma +
AFFC In Memoriam
13 Sep 67 Harvard T-6 Wg Cdr Norman Foster Watts +
AFFC In Memoriam
15 Jan 68 Harvard T-6 Flt Lt Adesh Pal +
Flt Cdt Harish G Ramaye+
AFFC Crashed near Mandor Garden
01 Jan 69 Harvard T-6 Fg Offr R K Puri
TTW DNE. At about 300 ft the engine failed with a loud
03 Aug 70 Harvard T-6 Sqn Ldr Kewal Krishan Bassi +
Crashed at Tambaram. NCC
19 Nov 70 Harvard T-6 Sub Lt Ravi Vasantrao Mandelkar +
AFFC In Memoriam
20 Feb 71 Harvard T-6 Flt Lt Chuhar Singh Kanwar +
Flt Cdt Atul Dattatray Mandke+
Click to View Record AFA
13 Sep 72 Harvard T-6 Flt Lt Ram Dayal Bishnoi +
Flt Lt Arjun Dev Arora +
AFA In Memoriam
03 Nov 73 Harvard T-6 IT-313 Flt Cdt Mrinal Kanti Devnath
AFA Cr L petalam village Medak
01 Jul 74 Harvard T-6 Flt Cdt Khurade
AFA DNE. Unauthorised LL flying over lake. A/c nudged

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