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Air Marshal Man Singh

Service No 4094 Branch F(P)
Date of Birth: 15 Jul 1931
Date Commissioned 16 Jun 1951 Course 55 Course
Service End Retired on 01 Aug 1986 / Died on 24 Apr 2010
Remarks :
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Appointments, Postings & Other Service Particulars

24 Feb 1966 - 15 Apr 1967Wg CdrNo.7 SquadronHindon CO
01 Jan 1975 - 01 Dec 1977Gp Capt32 WingJodhpur Stn Cdr
06 Jan 1975 - 15 Jul 1976Gp Capt9 WingHalwara Stn Cdr
- AVMSouth Western Air CommandJodhpur SASO
03 Aug 1981 - 16 Dec 1984AVMCollege of Air WarfareSecunderabad Cmdt
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Awards and Decorations

Number of Awards: 3
Vayu Sena Medal
Wg CdrMan Singh4094 F(P)Award Date Announced 26 Jan 1972
Details :

Wing Commander Man Singh was commissioned in the Flying Branch of the Indian Air Force in June, 1951, and has been employed on the operational staff of Headquarters Western Air Command since June 1969. He improved the operational efficiency of the Squadrons under Western Air Command. He successfully organised and conducted numerous exercises to test the efficiency of the Squadrons. He contributed greatly to the formulation of the Operational Plans of the Command and his advice had always been very useful. He made a significant contribution towards the success of the plans of the Command Headquarters during the operations against Pakistan in December, 1971. Throughout, Wing Commander Man Singh displayed professional skill and devotion to duty.

Unit : WAC
Reference : Gazette of India dated 7th October 1972 - No.108 - Pres/72 dated 23rd September 1972
Vishist Seva Medal
Wg CdrMan Singh4094 Award Date 26 Jan 1972Announced 26 Jan 1972
Details : Citation / Details Not Available
Unit :
Reference :
Ati Vishist Seva Medal
Air CmdeMan Singh4094 F(P)Award Date 26 Jan 1979Announced 26 Jan 1979
Details : Citation / Details Not Available
Unit :
Reference :

Additional Notes

Remarks: Air Marshal P S Pingale (Email) Note added: 2010-04-26

Air Mshl Man Singh, ex-co of 7 Sqn, passed away last evening (23 April 2010) in Delhi. Funeral tomorrow at Lodi Estate Crematorium 1600 hrs 25 Apr.

He was my Flight Commander in 7 Sqn and whatever little I learnt about fighter flying was due to him. He was like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde- An absolute terror in office and a loving caring father figure during off working hrs. I vividly remember how despite repeated calls to get in deep in finger-four formation in valley flying, I refused to do so. The debrief was, Plt Offr Pingo!! He tore me apart before the whole sqn!!

His resonant laughter after working hrs and his continuing looking after his 'boys' even later on was unforgettable. I say again-Whatever little I achieved in the IAF was mainly due to the sound grooming in my formative years by 'Maan'.

Remarks: Wg Cdr Shyam Hattangadi (Email) Note added: 2010-04-26

Air Marshal Man Singh was certainly one of a kind. I first came across him in Halwara when he was in 7 and I was in 27. – his wit and humor were legendary!

I first encountered him when he was narrating some else’s (Dice Dhiman’s?) formation aerobatics briefing in the bar. “You must keep getting closer till you get the feeling you are going to hit the other aircraft – then get a little closer till you are frightened and then a little closer till it looks positively dangerous. Now get slightly closer and you will be in correct position”

My next encounter was in WAC when he was Ops 1 and I was sent there to help out in the RD fly past planning. As a youngster I spent sleepless nights making sure that there were no mistakes in my planning and yet Man Singh tore into me for some imaginary mistake that he later found was not the case. Without outwardly showing it, his opinion of me seemed to have changed after that.

My last stint with him was in SWAC at Jodhpur when he was SASO and I was CADO and later TAC Commander. When I got my posting to TAC, he simply told me I was going nowhere and that I should remain in the CADO’s office and get my mail from the TAC sent across. I did get a farewell party from Command though and when I jokingly mentioned in my farewell speech that, wearing two hats, I frequently found myself opening and replying my own letters and reopening them and my typist had to keep asking me who I was signing a particular draft as, Man Singh guffawed the loudest in his inimical style.

He had a tremendous power of observation and nothing seemed to get past him. Sitting on his lawn in Jodhpur, he would notice officers riding their motorbikes far away and recognize who they were, who was not wearing a helmet how many drinks the pillion rider was holding in his hands and confront them the next morning. Once in a conference with about 30 officers that Man Singh was chairing, I was sitting at the other end of the table and I kept digging my elbow into the officer sitting next to me who was dozing off, careful that Man Singh should not notice. This officer was a favorite of his so he got away but Man Singh came up to me later and said with a twinkle in his eye “Don’t think I did not see what you were doing, I may have small eyes but I can see everything very clearly”

I do not think anyone was affected more by Baba Katre’s passing than Man Singh was and he never seemed to have got over it. It was sad that he had to retire in the manner he did and to see some people distance themselves during his last days in office even though he seemed to take it quite stoically.  May his soul rest in peace.

Remarks: AVM Hamid Shahul (Email) Note added: 2010-04-26

I am sad to hear about the sad demise of Air Marshal Man Singh. May his soul rest in peace and may the Almighty give courage to his family to bear this loss.
While I was the Station Cdr Bregumpet from 80 to 84, he was the Commandant of the CAW. Every one admired him for his forthright views and most importantly he had such a humane and kind face behind that stern mask he wore. When ever he invited guests to the functions in the CAW, both he and Mrs. Man Singh would not leave till the last guest left, irrespective of the rank of the guest, however Senior or Junior he might have been.
People like Man Singh have left behind a legacy and foot prints which the Air Force and Generations to come could be proud of.

Remarks: Gp Capt A K Datta (Email) Note added: 2010-04-26

Air Marshal Man Singh's passing away is very sad news indeed. His passing away is the passing of an era !  Good ol'"Maan" was a tough cookie with a soft heart. They don't make 'em like him anymore -- I think they threw away the mould after him !!

Gana, Chika, Godsa and I were the four "peelos(!)" posted in to the "Battle Axes" after our short stint at 221 Sqn at KKD. With [then} Wing Co Man Singh as the Bossman and stalwarts like Lambs and Daniels as the Flt Cdrs, we were indoctrinated into our first "Operational Squadron" . The orders for us filtered down from the Bossman were that until we went first solo we were not to be seen in the Crew room until after 11: 00 Hrs. Till then we were to be in one of the blast pens in the DSS Dispersal genning up on the Aircraft !! In pairs we spent our morning hours with the aircraft until we had saturated ourselves both in the cockpit and counted even the nuts and bolts outside the ac.

Godsa and I were paired up to fly our dual checks with the Boss. We were told to report to "Him" at the underground ACRR at the ORP . We reported , came to 'shun and stayed at 'shun for the next two hours or so and received the most comprehensive briefing for flying the Dual Checks. No breaks -- No cuppa cha -- No glass of water - no visits to the loo -- no nothing !! But after that  we just breezed through the whole DC & Conversion Phases !!

As a Group Capt he was posted as the Air (I) at 1 OPL GP at Jodhpur. I was then in 29 Sqn at the same base and Groupie Maan still had his protective Umbrella out for us to shelter under.

Air Marshal Man Singh's passing away is a personal loss for us who knew and worked with him. May God Rest His Soul In Peace.     

Remarks: Air Cmde T K Sen (Blog Post) Note added: 2010-04-26

Farewell Air Marshall Man Singh 

With solemn respect I salute you today, the 24th of April 2010,

As you start your  last journey finally alone.

You have walked in and out of so many episodes in my life

Some I have recorded already, but many more are yet to be penned.

In every episode of my life that you have graced,

I have been enriched by your experience

And enthused by your leadership and dynamism;

 Even when we have crossed swords over matters that we had looked at differently

We have always retained our membership of the same team pulling for the same goal.

Let me now wish you eternal happiness