Fixing the Database Pages

Despite all the fantastic content management software available out there, one part of the BR Site still has to run on home grown custom PHP code. And this code requires consistent maintenance and improvements. This part is our custom Databases for the Air Force site

The Database section of the IAF site started off as a simple "Officer's Database" and subsequently grew into a Unit CO and Awards repository. The linking of all these section enabled visitors to pull "Service Records" (not really)  Page by just inputting a service number.  The data was expanded to include all the rosters for officers and aircrew for IAF Units for the Second World War.  (Who would have thought that this kind of data could be made available ten years ago?!)

A recent inclusion to this database was the Aircraft Accidents and Incidents database that previously resided over at the Warbirds of India site. Having the data over on BR helped 'link' it to the personnel records.   The entire system runs off a homegrown code running off a database - and it is one of the popular section for families associated with the service. 

It was a bit of a suprise that on migration to the new server, the entire system broke. Many issues like non-working pages, queries, incorrect credentials popped up and this resulted in a high number of errors when google indexed our site.  The Database was the target for remediation today and over the day most of the sections were fixed.  The Awards section, the Unit Rosters, the Accidents list. However one part of the site is still down - the "Service Record" section which helped generate a single page view of an Officer's career. Hopefully I will address that part of the site soon and it will be back up - all 12000 records in it as well.

If you havent visited this part of the site and would like to try it out - then click the relevant sections below:

Officers Database 

Unit COs

WW2 Rosters

Awards and Citations

Aircraft Accidents and Incidents