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The databases include personnel databases, Unit Rosters, Awards and Citations and Accidents and Incidents. 

We showcase the latest "Database" - The Training Courses Database covers most of the GD(P) courses and many of the other branches since inception.  Click "Training Courses" link on this page to view the latest Database update.


Officers Database 

Saluting01 Small

Updated 22nd January 2017
Record Count: 28,974
Unit COs



WW2 Rosters

7SqnVengGroup Small

Record Count: 2,211

Awards and Citations


Record Count: 4,349

Aircraft Accidents & Incidents

Bewoor04 Small

(1932 - Current)
Record Count: 1,707
Training Courses
53PC Jodhpur CFlt Small


 Update Notes:

22 January 2017 - Officers Database updated by Anchit Gupta - Total Records 28,974
19 December 2016
- The Officer's Database has undergone a major update - thanks in no small measure to Anchit Gupta.  Anchit used public records to more than double the existing database to  26874 records!

In addition to Anchit's work, we received a number of portrait photos from Air Marshal Bharat Kumar. Currently the database has 2481 individual photos - a ten time increase!

 officers 2016