Aircraft and Systems Testing Establishment

Date Raised : 1970-01-01 Location : Bengaluru
Aircraft & Systems Testing Establishment (ASTE) is unique in Asia. As its name implies, ASTE evaluates aircraft and systems for induction into user organisations. Most new aircraft types and major airborne systems must have ASTE's stamp of approval to be considered fit for service in India. While many countries have testing facilities of one kind or the other, training of flight test personnel is not often imparted in them. ASTE's Air Force Test Pilots School (AFTPS) is only the fifth such institution in the world. This is not surprising for the world's fourth largest air force. The combination of flight testing and training makes ASTE Indian Air Force's mini-Edward's Air Force Base (USA) or Boscombe Down (UK)
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Unit previously existed as AATU

Commanding Officers

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DatesRank & NameNumberRemarksLocationPhoto
01 Jan 70 to 01 Dec 72Group CaptainKapil Bhargava3939 F(P)CmdtBangalore
01 Dec 72 to 01 Feb 73Group CaptainChandra Kant Viswanath Gole3652 F(P)CmdtBangalore
01 Mar 73 to 01 Aug 74Air CommodoreChandra Kant Viswanath Gole3652 F(P)CmdtBangalore
01 Aug 74 to 30 Apr 75Group CaptainRipu Daman Sahni3867 F(P)CmdtBangalore
01 May 75 to 01 Dec 77Air CommodoreRipu Daman Sahni3867 F(P)CmdtBangalore
01 Jan 78 to 01 Jul 79Air CommodorePartha Kumar Dey4404 F(P)CmdtBangalore
01 Jul 79 to 01 Sep 82Air CommodorePrithi Singh4480 F(P)CmdtBangalore
01 Oct 82 to 02 Jan 85Air CommodorePalamadai Muthuswamy Ramachandran4973 F(P)CmdtBangalore
01 Feb 85 to 01 Jul 86Air Vice MarshalPartha Kumar Dey4404 F(P)CmdtBangalore
01 Aug 86 to 01 Feb 87Air CommodoreAjit Singh Lamba4877 F(P)CmdtBangalore
01 Mar 87 to 28 Apr 91Air Vice MarshalAjit Singh Lamba4877 F(P)CmdtBangalore
29 Apr 91 to 10 Jul 93Air CommodorePhilip Rajkumar6748 F(P)CmdtBangalore
11 Jul 93 to 01 Jan 96Air CommodoreSubhash Chandra Rastogi8999 F(P)CmdtBangalore
01 Jan 96 to 31 Dec 96Air CommodoreAkshay Kumar Thakur9724 F(P)CmdtBangalore
01 Jan 97 to 01 Jan 99Air CommodorePramod Kumar Mehra11581 F(P)CmdtBangalore
01 Jan 99 to 01 Jan 01Air CommodoreParvez Hamilton Khokhar11860 F(P)CmdtBangalore
01 Jan 01 to 01 Mar 02Air CommodoreArvind Kumar Nagalia11633 F(P)CmdtBangalore
01 Mar 02 to 01 Dec 04Air CommodoreAnil Chopra13368 F(P)CmdtBangalore
01 Dec 04 to 01 Oct 06Air CommodorePriya Ranjan Sharma13927 F(P)CmdtBangalore
01 Dec 06 to 01 May 08Air CommodoreMuthumanikam Matheswaran14104 F(P)CmdtBangalore
01 May 08 to 01 Dec 10Air CommodoreMathappan Jose14278 F(P)CmdtBangalore
01 Dec 10 to 27 Dec 11Air CommodoreBalakrishana Pillai Sreebhavan Krishna Kumar17870 F(P)CmdtBangalore
28 Dec 11 to Air Vice MarshalRaghunath Nambiar16378 F(P)CmdtBangalore
Unknown to Air Vice MarshalRajeev Hora17141 F(P)CmdtBangalore
Unknown to Air Vice MarshalSandeep Singh17312 F(P)CmdtBangalore