Operational Command (WAC)

The origin of the Western Air Command can be traced back to the nascent years of independent India, when the various formations of the Air Force were organised into two groups. These were the No 1 Operational Group which controlled all the flying units including the flying training units and the No2 Training Group responsible for the entire spectrum of training activities (except flying training) in the IAF. On 22nd July 1949 the No 1 Operational Group was re- designated as the Operational Command. The Air Officer Commanding the Operational Command was then of the rank of an Air Commodore. This was upgraded to the rank of Air Vice Marshal in 1958 and later to the rank of Air Marshal. The Command assumed its present name of Headquarters Western Air Command on 1th June 1963, primarily as a consequence of formation of other operational commands and demarcation of specific areas of responsibility. Read Detailed History

Commanding Officers

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DatesRank & NameNumberRemarksLocationPhoto
22 Jul 49 to 11 Dec 50Air CommodoreAspy Merwan Engineer1554 GD(P)AOCDelhi
12 Dec 50 to 11 Dec 52Air CommodoreArjan Singh1577 GD(P)AOCDelhi
12 Dec 52 to 01 Dec 55Air CommodoreDiwan Atma Ram Nanda1562 GD(P)AOCDelhi
08 Dec 55 to 30 Apr 58Air CommodoreArjan Singh1577 GD(P)AOCDelhi
01 May 58 to 18 Dec 59Air Vice MarshalArjan Singh1577 GD(P)AOC-in-CDelhi
31 Dec 59 to 09 Jun 63Air Vice MarshalErlic Wilmot Pinto1593 GD(P)AOC-in-CDelhi