The real poet into the act!

Air Mshl N (Nana) Menon

With apologies to all Hunter pilots, who are almost as good!

Hunter and Gnat pllots wanted to fight
They both climbed to their combat height
After reaching the low density air
Hunter guy could’nt see anyone up there
So he yelled,’You little runt, are you on my left or right?’

The Gnat chap said “Look 500y 3 O’clock
And I can see you abreast big as a rock
But let me give you some advice
If you want to sharpen your eyes
‘Eat more carrots you Hunter jock!’

So combat began, neither wanted to fail
Each being a red-blooded, hot a—d male
Hunter jock asked.’Now where are you?’
Have you also lost me in this expansive blue?’
‘Carry on’ said the Gnat guy, I am on your tail.’

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