Marking Kargil's Vijay Diwas

The Kargil war is considered the first 'Television War' in the post Cable TV and Internet era in India.  It was also the first 'war' that happened after the thing called Internet arrived in India. The Bharat-Rakshak site was hardly two to three years old, when the war happened and madea profound impact on everyone associated with this site.  A word that was only known to military historians, was now a household term. 

Needless to say, the site webmasters, followers, members kept a close watch on the events. the Battles were discussed and dissected on our forum . The fallen were mourned. The Internet bought the faces of the fallen right onto the desktops of the common citizens - not only in india, but the expatriates living overseas in the US.  And ofcourse, finally, the heroes were celebrated.  

To mark the Vijay Diwas day, We invite you to check out our Kargil Archives - in the Army  (Images) , Air Force (Images) and Forum Archives.  There were also a series of BR Monitor Issues devoted to Kargil. (Though not all the links work - remember to insert "archives" in front of MONITOR in the URLs). There was a memorial to Kargil fallen on the site for some time, however that is now being merged as part of the amar-jawan database.