Param Vishist Seva Medal Awardee List for the year 2006

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Param Vishist Seva Medal
Air Marshal Sharad Yeshwant Savur 10525 F(P)Unit : Southern Air Command  Award Date 26 Jan 06 Announced 26 Jan 06
Details :

Air Marshal Sharad Yeshwant Savur AVSM (10525) Flying (Pilot) was commissioned in the Indian Air Force on 29 October 66 in the transport stream. In the 1971 war he was a Forward Air Controller with the battalion that captured two PAF pilots who had been shot down by IAF Gnat aircraft. In 39 years of very distinguished service, he has flown more than 7500 hrs of accident/incident free flying on various aircraft types over the inhospitable terrain of the northeast, Ladakh and JAMMU & KASHMIR as well as on VVIP and VIP flights duties. He has also been an Air Force Examiner. He has commanded Air HQ Communication Squadron and three different Air Force Stations. He has held staff appointments at Air HQ as Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Personnel-Airmen and Civilians), Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Intelligence) and at operational Command HQ as Senior Air Staff Officer. He is a graduate of Higher Command Course, Senior Defence Management Course and an alumnus of the National Defence College. As Station Commander of AF Station, Sulur, the officer had co-authored the Standard Operating Procedure for air-sea rescue by helicopters. As Air Officer Commanding of Air Force Station Agra, he ensured the highest standards of operational flying and training by setting a personal example in undergoing conversion on the IL-76. As Air Officer Commanding of Air Force Station Palam, he coordinated the airlift of relief materials for Bhuj Earthquake relief as well as for operations in the Kargil sector. As ACAS (PA&C) he instituted procedures that speeded up the issue of Pay Pension Orders, a new format for appraisals of airmen and co-ordinated the mobilization for Op Parakram.

As Senior Air Staff Officer in Eastern Air Command, he planned and positioned helicopters and transport aircraft at strategic places, oversaw the training and executed airlift and heli-lift to assist the Royal Bhutanese Army in driving out Anti-National Elements.

Most recently, as the Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief of Southern Air Command, he was responsible for execution of air operations for post Tsunami relief and rescue. He ensured that transport aircraft and helicopters of the IAF reached Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Sri Lanka respectively for relief operations within hours of the catastrophe. Under his guidance the IAF contingent during Op Seawave in Sri Lanka achieved a mammoth task of airlifting 2, 35, 000 Kg and 673 people, flying a total of 422 sorties/270 hours without any accident/incident. In addition the units deployed in after-math of Tsunami at Carnic also achieved exemplary standards in carrying out the rescue and relief operations for the IAF personnel, their families and for the civilian population too. This task of rescuing, air lifting of personnel and also providing the much needed relief materials was executed under adverse conditions under his able leadership.

Air Marshal Sharad Yeshwant Savur AVSM has thus rendered distinguished service of the most exceptional order.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2006 Number: 

Param Vishist Seva Medal
Air Marshal Avinash Deodatta Joshi 10886 F(P)Unit : Strategic Forces Command  Award Date 26 Jan 06 Announced 26 Jan 06
Details :

Air Marshal Avinash Deodatta Joshi, VM (10886) Flying (Pilot) was commissioned as a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force on 04 June 1967. During his distinguished service of nearly 40 years, he has held many challenging flying and staff appointments. He has flown a large number of combat aircraft in the lAF's inventory. He is a Qualified Flying Instructor and a Fighter Combat Leader. He has flown a number of combat missions during the 1971 war with Pakistan in the western theatre while serving in a Hunter Squadron. For gallantry displayed during the operations, he was awarded Mention-in-Despatches. While posted to a MiG-21 Squadron in 1979 he was the first to carry out night flying from Srinagar and subsequently clear the valley for night flying as a routine. In 1981 he was specially selected for training on the MiG-23 BN In the erstwhile USSR and posted subsequently as the senior Flight Commander of the Squadron when it was formed in India. In 1984 during Op Meghdoot he was the first MiG-23 pilot to have commenced active operations from the highest operational base Leh in Ladakh.

In 1985, Air Marshal Joshi took over command of a MiG-23 BN Squadron. This squadron had been specially selected for Op Meghdoot. With his vast experience in this sector, he was entrusted with a number of operational photo reconnaissance missions which he flew himself. For his dedication and high level of professional skills he was awarded the VM in 1988. Air Marshal Joshi commanded a Forward Air Base in Rajasthan sector. He also commanded Air Force Station Bidar where he was given the responsibility of raising the now famous “Surya Kiran" aerobatics team.

A graduate and Instructor of the Army War College Mhow, he also attended the course at the National Defence College and the National Security Programme at Gallillee College, Israel. His staff appointments include deputy Commandant at CAW, ACAS (Safety and Inspections) and ACAS (PO). As SASO HQ South Western Air Command he handled two very important events. After a long gap, the air power demonstration Vayu Shakti 2004 was conducted at Pokhran Air to Ground range, where all the latest aircraft and weapons were showcased. Subsequently he was also responsible in handling the Awareness Campaign at Bombay, which was one of the largest air demonstrations that included Air India aircraft also. Due to his meticulous planning and preparation, both events were highly successful, Incident free and were well received.

Air Marshal AD Joshi took over as AOCin-C, Eastern Air Command (EAC) on 01 November 04. During his tenure, the training and operational standards of EAC have been greatly enhanced. Operations were conducted from civil airfields for the first time. The serviceability states of aircraft and avionics systems exceeded all expectations from a fleet of ageing aircraft. Administrative aspects also went through a welcome change. He has now been specially selected to take over as C-in-C of Strategic Forces Command.

Air Marshal Avinash Deodatta Joshi, VM has thus rendered distinguished service of the most exceptional order.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2006 Number: 

Param Vishist Seva Medal
Air Marshal Avdesh Kumar Singh 11005 F(P)Unit : Western Air Command  Award Date 26 Jan 06 Announced 26 Jan 06
Details :

Air Marshal Avdesh Kumar Singh, AVSM, VM, VSM (11005), Flying (Pilot), was commissioned on 04 June 1967 in the Flying Branch of the Indian Air Force and has more than 5000 hrs of accident free flying on 17 different types of aircraft. He has held various Command and Staff assignments during his 38 years of distinguished service in the Air Force, which include Command of a Fighter Squadron, Commander Delhi Area Air Defence, Command of an Air Base, Air-I of Western Air Command (WAC), Air Commodore Operations at an Army Command, ACAS (Trg), Air HQ, Director General (Inspection & Safety) and SASO of WAC before taking over as AOC-in-C, WAC, IAF. He was also President, Services Sports Control Board and member of Board of Directors, International Military Sports Council.

Air Marshal AK Singh was the youngest transport pilot to participate in the historical “Tangail Operations" during the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971. He is the only pilot to convert from transport stream to fighters and successfully led a Jaguar Squadron in operations. During Kargil Operations the officer, as then Air-I, Western Air Command conducted the fighter operation with astute planning and dedication, which was instrumental in bringing the engagement to a very successful culmination.

The Air Mshl, as Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Training), was instrumental in successfully steering the case for recognition of flying qualification of military pilots and equation of technical and non-technical training in the IAF with civil Diplomas. As Director General (Inspection &. Safety), he assumed functions of quality assurance and published a book specifying the quality of products acceptable in service which empowered the users to reject lower quality products. He was appointed as Senior Air Staff Officer, Western Air Command, in September 04 and he organized as well as executed realistic training exercises, which contributed to the outstanding performance of IAF forces in international exercises. During this tenure Host Squadron and Armament Training Concepts were also introduced, which have resulted in enormous saving to the IAF.

As AOC-in-C, WAC the Air Marshal used his vast experience to make significant administrative improvement in the work environment and improved quality of life of personnel below officer rank. His planning and execution skill were once again put to test when Western Air Command aircraft were called for aid to civil power when 47,000 people were evacuated from Srinagar valley and Ladakh during unprecedented heavy snowfall in January-February 05. The relief and rescue operations were also carried out in Jammu area where flash floods had struck without any notice and thereafter 140 people were evacuated. It was under his able guidance and leadership that such a massive peacetime operation was carried out successfully.

Air Marshal Avdesh Kumar Singh, AVSM, VM, VSM has thus rendered distinguished service of the most exceptional order.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2006 Number: 

Param Vishist Seva Medal
Air Marshal Jaspal Singh Gujral 11300 F(P)Unit : Central Air Command  Award Date 26 Jan 06 Announced 26 Jan 06
Details :

Air Marshal Jaspal Singn Gujral, VM VSM (11300) Flying (Pilot) was commissioned in the Fighter Stream of the IAF on 31 December 1967, He has over 4000 hours of accident free flying on single engine aircraft, which include 16 combat missions flown in 1971 operations. He is a Qualified Flying Instructor holding an A-2 category. For his distinguished services, he was awarded Vayu Sena Medal in 1988 and Vishisht Seva Medal in 1994.

A graduate of Defence Services Staff College and College of Defence Management, Air Marshal Gujral has held prestigious field, staff and instructional appointments which include CO of a frontline fighter squadron, Chief Instructor (Flying) at Air Force Academy, Air Officer Commanding of a premier fighter base, Defence Attaché at Prague, Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Joint Operations) and Deputy Chief of Air Staff before being appointed as AOC-in-C Central Air Command in May 2005.

As Chief Instructor (Flying) at Air Force Academy he brought the accident rate to zero by adopting innovative measures. As AOC in Baghdogra, he was instrumental in commencing live air to ground firing on the Teesta Range. As Assistant Chief of Integrated Staff (Joint Operations), he was responsible for formulation of the Tri-Service Disaster Management Response Plan, which was put into action during the Sri Lankan floods in June 03 and later during Tsunami disaster in 2004, Also, as part of Defence Policy Group, he co-chaired three Important Military Subedar Group committee meetings promoting Indo-US and UK Defence co-operation in Washington, London and Delhi respectively.

As Deputy Chief of Air Staff, he streamlined the planning and procurement process for capital equipments, which ensured full utilisation of capital funds allotted to the IAF in 2004-05. He assisted in the formulation of new document on Procurement Procedures which was issued by Raksha Mantri in mid 2005. He also chaired an important Subedar committee ordered by MoD on production of Light Combat Aircraft and his recommendations have been accepted.

As AOC-in-C, Central Air Command Air Marshal Gujral organized and executed realistic training exercises without moving forces bringing about synergy between all elements thus increasing operational efficiency in cost effective manner. Extensive flying training was carried out by all the Strategic assets and with a special focus on Flight Safety. He brought about administrative improvements not only in the work environment but also in the quality of life of personnel below officer rank.

Air Marshal Jaspal Singn Gujral, VM VSM has, thus, rendered distinguished service of the most exceptional order.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2006 Number: 

Param Vishist Seva Medal
Air Marshal Fali Homi Major 11442 F(P)Unit : Eastern Air Command  Award Date 26 Jan 06 Announced 26 Jan 06
Details :

Air Marshal Fali Homi Major, AVSM, SC, VM (11442) Flying (Pilot) was commissioned as a pilot in the Indian Air Force on 31 December 1967. During 40 years of distinguished service, he has held various prestigious field/ staff appointments and has over 8100 hrs of accident-free flying to his credit. He is a graduate of the National Defence College and Army War College.

The Air Marshal had raised and commanded the first Mi-17 Squadron of the IAF and commenced operations in the world's highest battlefield, the Siachen glacier. He commanded yet another Mi-17 Squadron and led this Squadron into battle during the IPKF operations in Srilanka. For his leadership and courage he was awarded the Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry).

The Air Marshal was instrumental in carrying out a daring rescue operation In which 11 people were rescued from a stranded cable car in the middle of a valley at the Timber Trail resort at Parwanoo, HP. For this act of Gallantry he was awarded the 'Shaurya Chakra' by the President of India. As Air Officer Commanding Leh in the aftermath of the Kargil conflict, he displayed great leadership in accomplishing all the tasks assigned to him. For his distinguished service of a very high order, he was awarded the 'Ati Vishisht Seva Medal' by the President of India on 26 January 2002.

The catastrophe caused by the Tsunami caused enormous damage to property and loss of precious lives in peninsular India, the Andamans and other South East Asian countries on 26 December 2004. As the Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Operations) he directed and controlled the relief, rescue and rehabilitation operations of the Indian Armed Forces in India and abroad. His relentless and unflinching dedication towards the mammoth relief operations ensured smooth conduct and completion in record time. He also brought about other improvements in the working environment of HQ Integrated Defence Staff. He carried out a major revamping in the Operations Branch and was instrumental in operationalisation of the “Interim National Command Post" (INCP) to facilitate coordination and decision making at the highest levels of Political and Military leadership of the country in the event of any National Crisis.

Air Marshal Fali Homi Major, AVSM, SC, VM has thus rendered distinguished service of the most exceptional order.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2006 Number: 

Param Vishist Seva Medal
Air Marshal Padmavathy Bandopadhyay 11528 MEDUnit : Air Head Quarters  Award Date 26 Jan 06 Announced 26 Jan 06
Details :

Air Marshal (Mrs.) Padma Bandopadhyay AVSM VSM (11528) Med was commissioned in the Army Medical Corps on 22 January 1968. An astute aviation medicine specialist she had held coveted appointments as Senior Advisor in Aviation Medicine, Professor of Physiology & Aviation Medicine at Institute of Aviation Medicine, Senior Scientist 'D' at DIPAS. She was appointed as Air Officer Commanding of prestigious Air Force Central Medical Establishment. She held the appointment of Additional Director General Armed Forces Medical Services. Presently she is holding the appointment of DGMS (Air).

Earlier in her formative years she served with distinction as medical officer at Air Force Hospital Halwara and was awarded Vishisht Seva Medal for distinguished services of high order in 1973. She distinguished herself as an excellent Professor of Physiology and Aviation Medicine at IAM and guided many research projects and PG students. She displayed excellent administrative skills as DPMO, WAC and later as AOC, AFCME. At CME with her professionalism and vast experience in training and teaching she brought out significant improvement in quality of the medical evaluation of aircrew. She modernized various departments of AFCME. For her distinguished services of exceptional order, she was awarded Ati Vishisht Seva Medal in 2002.

As additional DGAFMS, the Air Marshal was instrumental in formulating new promotion policy of AMC officers. As DGMS (Air) she has guided the establishment of Medical Evaluation Centre in Eastern sector for aircrew thereby saving costly man hours of aircrew. The most advanced concept of medical delivery system i.e. Telemedlcine is being established at five Air Force Stations covering North, East, South West with CHAF (B) as a part of first phase with her untiring efforts. A major fillip has been given to acquire much needed state of the art MRI and Cardiac Cath Lab for CHAFB.

With her constant endeavor, fresh diploma courses recognized by paramedical board of Karnataka for Medical Assistants have been started for Medical Assistants. This will not only bring in significant improvement in the medical care at all levels but also benefit the tradesmen post-retirement. The Air Officer has excelled as a towering Professional and has displayed excellent organizational skill as an able administrator during her career spanning over 39 years and contributed to the growth of Medical Services of IAF

Air Marshal (Mrs) P Bandopadhyay AVSM, VSM, PHS has thus rendered distinguished service of most exceptional order.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2006 Number: 

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