Shaurya Chakra Awardee List for the year 1993

A total of 3 Awards are listed.
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JWO Venkat Phani Raju Kala 267944 ORUnit : 40 Wing  Award Date 14 Dec 91 Announced 26 Jan 93
Details :

On the 4th December, 1991, there was a major fire at the Gwalior Rayon Mills which was caused by the explosion of a chemical boiler and bursting gas cylinders. Due to the explosion and fire, the building had collapsed and a number of people were buried under the debris. The Indian Air Force located there was called upon to assist the rescue work. Within half an hour, three DFTs and ambulance and a SCFT were sent to the site of fire. The Air Force managed to contain the fire despite the fact that there was no direct access to the site. After fire was contained it was noticed that there were a couple of gas cylinders around which were leaking. JWO Raju at grave risk to his own life and unmindful of the danger involved in going near the cylinders, took a chance and approached the cylinders and made them safe. Subsequently, despite the debris and smouldering fire, in total disregard to the danger to his life, he began the operation of clearing the debris and rescuing the people under the collapsed building. JWO Raju displayed courage above and beyond the call of his duty in undertaking a task which was dangerous to his own life.

Junior Warrant Officer Venkata Phani Raju Kala, SC, thus, displayed gallantry of a high order and set an example to others.

Reference: Gazette of India , 8th May 1993 - No.67 - Pres/93 dated 26th January 1993 

Shaurya Chakra
Gp Capt Fali Homi Major 11442 F(P)Unit : 30 Wing  Award Date 14 Oct 92 Announced 26 Jan 93
Details :

On 13th Oct 1992, he was asked to undertake a very dangerous and exacting rescue mission at Pawanoo (HP). The hauling cable of the cable car carrying passengers to Timber Trail resort had snapped and ten passengers were stranded in the cable car hanging at a height of 1300 feet. He took off at about 0800 hours with qualified aircrew and role equipment and landed at Chandimandir at 0850 hours. He very quickly analysed the situation and concluded that the only way the tourist could be evacuated was by the way of winching them out of the cable car. Using his vast experience and exceptional flying ability, he deduced that the helicopter would have to hover precariously close to the set of cables that ran above the cable car. It was one of the hardest decisions he ever made. Gp Capt Major decided to launch the Mi-17 to rescue the stranded tourists. He briefed the crew thoroughly and advised them that the consequences of any lapse would be fatal. He motivated them and raised their morale. He became an integral part of the aircrew and even flew the missions.

Under his supervision, Mi-17 helicopter successfully rescued five stranded tourists on the 14th October 1992 and the remaining tourists were rescued on the next day.

Group Captain Fali Homi Major has thus rendered a yeoman's service by his able leadership and conspicuous courage.

Reference: Gazette of India , 8th May 1993 - No.66 - Pres/93 dated 26th January 1993 

Shaurya Chakra
Wg Cdr Subhash Chander 12957 F(P)Unit : No.152 Helicopter Unit  Award Date 14 Oct 92 Announced 26 Jan 93
Details :

On the 13th October 1992, the haulage cable of the Timber Trail resort ropeway snapped and the cable car with 10 passengers on board got stuck in the middle of the valley at a height of 1300 feet above the river bed. At 1400 hours on 14th October, 1992 Wing Commander Subhash Chander was given the task of rescuing these stranded tourists. He took off from Chandimandir at 1410 hours and carried our a recce of the ropeway cables, HT cables, stranded cable car and other obstructions in the rescue area. At 1620 hours Wing Commander Subhash Chander took off for rescue mission which was one of the most difficult and dangerous rescue operation ever undertaken. Since the valley was narrow the helicopter had to be manoeuvred with utmost care and precision to bring it to hover at the point of the beginning of the ropeway height of 1350 feet. He brought the helicopter and made it lower about 30 meters above the cable with utmost skill and precision flying. The cable on the left was only about 3-5 meters away and under the rotor blades. To keep the helicopter steady at that height without any reference point and under cross wind conditions was a very difficult and challenging task.

The manoeuvre lasted about 15 minutes and was extremely demanding. Wing Commander Subhash Chander kept his cool and encouraged the crew members to maintain the highest level of concentration. The mission was successful and the stranded passengers were winched to the helicopter.

Wing Commander Subhash Chander has, thus, displayed conspicuous courage, dedication and exceptional flying skill.

Reference: Gazette of India , 8th May 1993 - No.66 - Pres/93 dated 26th January 1993 

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