IAF Aircraft Database - Types, Serial Numbers, Fates

Variant Type Census Total
Dornier Do-228 DO-228-10131
Total Dornier Do-228 in Database31

Serial NoVariantCons NoPrev IdTOC DateSOC DateAirframe StatusImage
HM-667Do-228 DO-228-1018081/HAL20081987-12-15 Unknown
HM-668Do-228 DO-228-1018082/HAL20091987-12-15 Unknown
HM-669Do-228 DO-228-1018089/HAL20101987-12-15 Unknown
HM-670Do-228 DO-228-1018098/HAL20111989-01-01 Unknown
HM-671Do-228 DO-228-1018055/HAL10071988-03-31 Unknown Image Available
HM-672Do-228 DO-228-1018I-30231990-11-29 Unknown
HM-673Do-228 DO-228-1018I-30241990-03-27 Unknown Image Available
HM-674Do-228 DO-228-1018I-30251990-10-10 Unknown
HM-675Do-228 DO-228-1018I-30261990-07-03 Unknown
HM-676Do-228 DO-228-1018I-30271990-07-03 Unknown
HM-677Do-228 DO-228-1018I-40301990-10-01 Unknown
HM-678Do-228 DO-228-1018I-40311991-10-30 Unknown
HM-679Do-228 DO-228-1018I-40321991-12-14 Unknown
HM-680Do-228 DO-228-1018I-40331992-08-20 Unknown
HM-681Do-228 DO-228-1018I-40341992-08-04 Unknown
HM-682Do-228 DO-228-1018I-40282000-04-02 Unknown
HM-683Do-228 DO-228-1018I-40292000-04-02 Unknown
HM-684Do-228 DO-228-1018I-40401993-01-06 Unknown
HM-685Do-228 DO-228-10140411998-12-11 Unknown
HM-686Do-228 DO-228-10140422005-02-13 Unknown Image Available
HM-687Do-228 DO-228-10140431996-12-01 Unknown Image Available
HM-688Do-228 DO-228-1014045 Unknown
HM-689Do-228 DO-228-10140462000-04-05 Unknown
HM-690Do-228 DO-228-10140472000-04-05 Unknown
HM-691Do-228 DO-228-101 Unknown Image Available
HM-692Do-228 DO-228-1012005-02-13 Unknown Image Available
HM-693Do-228 DO-228-1012002-07-01 Unknown Image Available
HM-694Do-228 DO-228-1012005-02-13 Unknown Image Available
HM-695Do-228 DO-228-101 Unknown
HM-696Do-228 DO-228-101 Unknown Image Available
HM-703Do-228 DO-228-1012010-01-01 Unknown
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