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Group Captain Ajit Singh Siwaich

Service No 13812 Branch F(P)
Date of Birth: -- --- --
Date Commissioned 07 Dec 1974 Course 112 Course
Service End Retired on 30 Apr 2005
Remarks :
Promotions Gazetted
Wg Cdr : 31 Mar 1992Acting Gp Capt : 09 Jan 1997
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Awards and Decorations

Number of Awards: 2
Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry)
Sqn LdrAjit Singh Siwaich13812 F(P)Award Date Announced 26 Jan 1990
Details :

Squadron Leader Ajit Singh Slaich was commissioned in the Air Force in Jun 74.

In Feb 89, the unit was called upon to take over the tasks of Pawan Hans Ltd. in Bombay High. In a short period of four months, Sqn Ldr Ajit Singh undertook 365 offshore sorties and airlifted 5620 passengers and 26408 Kgs of load to Bombay High installations.

On the afternoon of 16 Mar 89, Sqn Ldr Ajit Singh was detailed to evacuate a casualty having a skull fracture, from Amla to Nagpur. Driven by rare missionary zeal and relying on the confidence acquired over the years, he made a concerted effort and evacuated the casualty to Nagpur.

For his high sense of dedication to duty and exemplary effort, the President is pleased to award Vayu Seva Medal to Sqn Ldr Ajit Singh Slaich.

Unit : 121 HF
Reference : Gazette of India dated 12th May 1990 - No.38-Pres/90 dated 26th January 1990
Shaurya Chakra
Wg CdrAjit Singh Siwaich13812 F(P)Award Date 15 Jun 1995Announced 26 Jan 1996
Details :

Wing Commander Ajit Singh was posted as the Commanding officer of a helicopter unit on 02 May 1994.

On 15 June 95, Wing Commander Ajit Singh was called upon to airlift three casualties from Masimpur. One of these causalities was an Army Major who had a bullet embedded in his spinal cord and his lower body was already paralyzed. He needed immediate attention of a neurosurgeon. Wing Commander Ajit Singh took off from the base at 1630 hrs under marginal weather conditions. After landing at the Masimpur helipad he was informed that due to unstable condition of the patient, the take off had to be delayed. Realizing that the patient may not survive the road journey, he decided to wait even though it had become dark and the weather had deteriorated. By the time the patients arrived at about 2045 hrs, the entire area was under the grips of severe thunderstorm activity. As any further delay would have almost certainly proved fatal for the patients, Wing Commander Ajit Singh took off from the unlit helipad in total darkness. In spite of heavy odds and extremely trying conditions, he safely landed his helicopter at Khumbhigram at 2120 hrs accomplishing safe evacuation of the causalities.

Wing Commander Ajit Singh Slaich, thus, displayed courage, determination and dedication with utter disregard to his personal safety.

Unit :
Reference : Gazette of India , 9th March 1996 - No.16 - Pres/96 dated 26th January 1996