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Wing Commander Gurcharan Singh Madan

Service No 10452 Branch F(P)
Date of Birth: 19 Sep 1945
Date Commissioned 29 Oct 1966 Course 96 Course
Service End Retired on 21 Dec 1988
Remarks :
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Notes: 1) Ranks shown are substantive ranks at retirement. 2)Branch is at retirement and may not match with branch at Commission 3)Notional seniority is reflected in dates of substantive rank.

Awards and Decorations

Number of Awards: 1
Shaurya Chakra
Sqn LdrGurcharan Singh Madan10452 F(P)Award Date 21 Jul 1981Announced 02 Apr 1982
Details :

On the 21st July, 1981, Squadron Leader Gurcharan Singh Madan (10452), Flying (Pilot) of 117 HU, was detailed as Captain to fly of Chetak Helicopter from Bareilly to Gauchar with an enroute halt at Haldwani for refueling. About 10 minutes of take off from Haldwani, his helicopter suddenly pitched up and started rolling to the right. It immediately developed severe vibrations and the control column started snatching in all directions. The severity of pitch, roll and vibrations was so great that he along with co-pilot had difficulty in retaining a grip on the control column and impossible to read the instruments. The movement of the stick was so vicious that it repeatedly hit their legs, badly lacerating them. The Helicopter was out of control and a crash was imminent.

Sqn Ldr Madan with commendable presence of mind and cool courage analysed the emergency and came to conclusion that the existing condition could only be outcome of a failure of rotor head system as had been the case with two earlier fatal accidents. He immediately decided to force land the helicopter on whatever open space he could find. With this intention, he lowered the collective pitch. By this action the vibrations reduced slightly and he could retain grip on the control column with a great effort. A marginal control of the helicopter was thus achieved. With the control of the helicopter hanging in a very delicate balance, Sqn Ldr Madan brought down the stricken helicopter to a small clearing for landing. The moment he raised the collective to cushion the landing shock, the vibration again became very severe. It was only his superlative flying skill, exemplary courage and tenacity of purpose which helped him to land helicopter with minimal damage.

In making this extremely difficult recovery of helicopter without excessive damage, Squadron Leader Gurcharan Singh Mann had not only saved a valuable aircraft and the lives of his co-pilot and his own but has made the investigation of the cause of this failure possible which in future will save further accidents.

Squadron Leader Gurcharan Singh Mann thus displayed exemplary courage, extremely high standard of flying skill and devotion to duty of high order.

Unit : 117 HU
Reference : Gazette of India , 10th April 1982 - No.20 - Pres/82 dated 2nd April 1982