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An aerial view of the College of Military Engineering.

Training is conducted primarily for personnel of the Corps of Engineers, other arms & services, Navy, Air Force, Para-Military forces, Police and also civilians. Personnel from friendly foreign countries are also trained. The college is affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) for the award of B.Tech & M.Tech degrees. The 'All India Council for Technical Education' (AICTE) also recognises the graduate and post graduate courses run by the prestigious college. The Diploma give to the subordinate staff are recognised by Board of Technical education, Maharashtra State.

Degree Courses offered by JNU which are conducted in the College of Military Engineering are:


  1. Courses for Engineering Officers for 3 years duration;
    • B.Tech in Civil Engineering
    • B.Tech in Electrical Engineering
    • B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
  2. For Corps of EME Officers first 3 semesters of B.Tech degree for 1½ years;
    • B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
  3. For Corps of Signal Officers first 3 semesters of B.Tech degree for 1½ years;
    • B.Tech in Communication Engineering


A group of students working in a communications laboratory.

M.Tech Courses for both military and civilian officers have started in CME from June 1996 onwards. Instead of going to various IITs for M.Tech degree, the students in Structural Engineering undergo the PG at CME. The first batch of M.Tech students have already passed out from CME in December 1997. There are 10 students in M.Tech-2 at present doing Structural Engineering, including a foreign student from Bhutan. The third batch of M.Tech-3 have arrived on 3 July 1998, consisting of five Army Officers and three MES civilian officers. There is a proposal of introducing Master of Computer Application (MCA) course of 2 years duration in near future.


The majestic Corps of Engineers' mess is also located in CME Campus whose grandeur adds to the magnificence of the college. The mess has a seating capacity of 450 guests. The Corps of Engineers' get-together is held annually on Engineers Corps Day, November 18th.

The college regularly participates in professional and industrial seminars and also conducts conference, symposiums and seminars pertaining to training matters and technical subjects. The college also invites eminent speakers to deliver talks to the college on subjects of military importance, general topics of interest and technical subjects. The college has an in house printing press, which regularly brings out numerous technical journals and reference books. Three fresh water lakes have been created in the CME campus under the Wetland Development Project. These along with plantations and landscaping around have improved the flora, fauna and climate of the campus. Aquiculture & Ornithology are also pursued here. These lakes are the favourite visiting sites.


Faculty of Combat Engineering; Newly Commissioned Officers receive their baptism here to become effective combat engineers. Engineer Officers at Field Company and Engineer Regiment level recieve combat engineering training. Package courses in combat engineering, bridging, bomb & IED disposal and strategic comauflage are conducted for all ranks of the army, navy, airforce, para-military & police. This faculty advises other training establishments on tactical concepts, equipment & technical directions pertaining to military engineering.


The bridging wing is part of Faculty of Combat Engineering. The dry bridging is carried out in demolition ground and the wet bridging is carried out in River Mula. Above we see a Russian origin AM50 Bridge, under construction.

Faculty of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering; B.Tech course in Mechanical & Electrical engineering is conducted in this faculty. Signals & EME Officers also attend first part of their B.Tech course at this faculty. Package courses for Non-Commissioned Officers (Nicosia) in engineering trades and skill are conducted here. Research and Experimentation in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering equipment & techniques are part of the multifarious activity in this faculty.


A class in progress in the Faculty of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering.

Faculty of Civil Engineering; This faculty runs B.Tech engineering courses in Civil Engineering and M.Tech courses for selected Engineer Officers in structural engineering. Package courses in works services for all ranks are also conducted in this faculty. Routine and advanced tests on engineering materials used in works projects are also conducted here. Research and Experimentation in Civil Engineering equipment & techniques are carried out.


A Civil Engineering class in progress.

  • Diploma Wing; Two years Diploma courses are conducted here for subordinate staff in Electrical, Civil and Draughtsman category. Soldiers from friendly foreign countries like the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal are also trained here.
  • Administration Wing; Provides administrative support to the institution.


A very organised and well-maintained Corps of Engineers' Archives are positioned in the main Library Building. The complete items are stacked in orderly manner and a computerised data management system maintains the archival material. Lists of Ex-Sapper Officers, (Both Indian and British) are available here.


The archives of the Corps of Engineers is located in the CME campus, which preserves and stores all documents & records of historical value pertaining to the Corps.

For additional details of the Corps of Engineers' Archives please contact:
Corps Archives,
College of Military Engineering,
Pune, INDIA,
411 031

CME Exchange: +91.20.714.5998

CME Reception Centre: +91.20.714.5965

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Surabhi; A shop catering to all house old requirements ranging from clothes, shoes to decorative items and kitchenware is being run by the college on a minimum profit basis which provides CMEites quality goods at less than market prices.
  • Harkirat Singh Open Air Theatre; Named after the legendary Sapper, Major General Harkirat Singh, this open-air theatre is the favourite haunt for all movie lovers in CME. It screens one English and one Hindi film every week for all ranks of CME.
  • Reception Centre; The reception centre is abuzz with activity round the clock as the staff available here guides and provides all information to the visitors coming to the college.
  • Museum; A Corps equipment museum spread over beautifully landscaped area houses the engineer equipment of pre World War-I vintage. It is a must see for all visitors to CME.
  • Officers Institute; A favourite haunt for socialising by the CMEites. It has a well stocked bar and an elegantly laid out cafeteria for snacks and other delicacies.
  • STD facilities;Two STD booths functions in the premises, one at the reception center and one at the Officers Institute.
  • Nursery: Provides all common & rare plants, found both indoors & outdoors in the CME campus.
  • Other Facilities;A shopping center with more 28 shops, CSD Canteen, Post Office, Bank and Gas agency is situated in the campus.


Sports & adventure is an integral part of service life and the college is in the forefront of sports and adventure activities. Opportunity is provided to all ranks to play and excel in practically all games and sports. All types of adventure activities like mountaineering, cycling, trekking, hiking, gliding, para jumping, sailing cruises, etc are encouraged to develop the spirit of adventure in servicemen.


Trishna, a small sailing yatch has been acclaimed internationally for its around the world cruise. It still regularly sails the high seas to various parts of the world.

Inter-officers, inter-faculty/wing and open tournaments are organised in all sports & games to develop healthy competitive and sportsman spirit. CME has distinguished itself in rowing, sailing & wind surfing. The Corps of Engineers teams trained in CME have won many laurels at the national events and made their presence felt in the international arena as well. In the recently concluded Asian Games, CMEites got a Silver medal in sailing and a Bronze medal in boxing. Two men in the Gold-winning Hockey team was from the College of Military Engineering (CME).


There are a lot of activities in and around the City of Pune; where the College of Military Engineering is located. Visit Pune City.Com to learn more about this energetic city.




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