Indian Navy Ships from Kochi deployed for Assistance in Sri-Lanka

Two Indian Navy warships, INS Sutlej and INS Sunayna, have been deployed to Sri-Lanka on 20 May 16 to provide assistance consequent to the calamity caused due to the cyclone “Roanu”.The ships sailed from Kochi with 30-40 tons of relief material which includes inflatable rafts, fresh water, medical supplies, clothing and other provisions necessary for disaster relief operations and are scheduled to reach Colombo harbour on 21 May 16 during the morning hours. A Chetak helicopter has also been embarked for the deployment.

The decision to deploy the ships was taken by the government late in the night, on 20 May 16 in response to the request for assistance from Sri-Lankan government. Both the ships of the Southern Naval Command were made ready within six hours after directives were received. The ships, in addition to providing the relief material, would also be participating in the rescue and relief efforts.

Two Dornier aircraft are also standby at Kochi for any emergent requirement.

The swift action of deployment of ships reinforces Indian Navy’s commitment to reach out the countries in the region during the times of crisis.

Koc/35/May 16

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