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Register – Online or Offline

People have been writing in asking for a form that could be printed out, filled up and sent forward to the committee organising the event.  This is essentially to assist those without online access. Of course, those with access will still have to download, print and pass on the forms but its an easy enough process.

For those who want to register for the event online, the page has been open for a quite a few days now and registrations are literally pouring in. Click here to go the registration form online.

Forms to print are available both as a MS-Word document as well as a PDF document.

Printed forms need to be mailed to:

Gp Capt NK Krishnan (Retd),
Chief Manager (Flight Operations & Safety),
Corporate Office,
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited,
5/1 Cubbon Road, Bangalore – 560 001

Do register as soon as you can.