First Limerick with Pros & Cons

By Air Commodore Krishnamurthi Rajaram

Due credit to Randhir Chadda who gave a new meaning to the term PPLR one day in 1975, when he walked into our wooden shack crew room at 31dumbell at Srinagar  and announced in his usual droll manner, “Today the Gnat has completed a 100 hours on me.” Cut to 1991. Fifteen hundred take-offs, clinging on to her controls and, fortunately, the same number of arrivals on wheels later,  she still took me for a ride!

The Gnat, she took two mins to twenty,
She hauled up to hard stop at 10G,
Bent thrust and more,
‘Gencies galore,
Log hours, she’s got twel’ hundred on me!

One thought on “First Limerick with Pros & Cons”

  1. Hi Guys,

    As a matter of interest, I would like to know,how many guys have crossed a 1000 hours on the Gnat/Ajeet. On the Jaguar, I am sure, it crosses 3 figures.

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