A Limericking Pair by Rajaram

By Air Cmde Krishnamurthi Rajaram

Not macho like Rambo or Rocky,

No champion in cricket or hockey,

But Orpheus behind,
Two Adens aligned,
I’m hot – I’m a G-bird jockey!
There are only two types of fighters-
The rulers – the rest, poor blighters!
The Gnats were the kings,
They flew all those rings,
Round targets – those ord’nary blighters!

One thought on “A Limericking Pair by Rajaram”

  1. Dig This;(based on true incident)

    Eighteen seconds to self sustain,fourty five to wheels up,

    Zoom to intercept height,bogey ahead closing up,

    ranging and tracking never better,

    a two second burst,flick the rudder,

    Scared shitless,that was a real close up.

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