BHARAT RAKSHAK MONITOR - Volume 6(3) November December 2003


Pakistani Role in Terrorist Attacks Against the USA: An Update

Narayanan Komerath  

The original version of this article was published, up-to-date as of September 12, 2002. At the time, the public-domain evidence of Pakistani involvement in terrorist attacks and plots around the world was summarized in Table 1, below.  Events since then are listed in Table 2. 

The sense that “All terrorism emanates from Islamabad” has now occurred to several people, some listed in Table 3. There is a dichotomy in the interpretations of this finding. Those who insist on being seen in resonance with the public statements of the US/UK Administrations, and as being adept at “Thinking Outside The Box”, conclude that increasing Pakistan-origin terrorism is proof of increased need for assistance to General Musharraf – the poor, beleaguered, Powerless Dictator. Faced with toughening questions on this oxymoron, this lobby shelters behind the “TINA” (There Is No Alternative”) rock: “Support  General Musharraf to ensure that the Pakistani nuclear weapons do not fall into the hands of the Extremists” – ignoring the clear history of Musharraf’s rise to power as the Armani-suited front of the Pakistan Army of Islam.

Others including this author feel that there are far more effective and honest ways to deal with nuclear blackmail and terrorism. Perhaps we are stuck in the groove of old school thinking where Al Capone and Adolf Hitler were not seen as the Frontline Allies in the Wars against Organized Crime and Nazism respectively.

In the past year though several terrorist attacks have occurred and law enforcement authorities have won some successes.  Several major resources of information have also been identified. Most notable of those are Bernhard Henri Levi’s “Who Killed Daniel Pearl?” now translated into English and available in the US; Gerald Posner’s book, declassified documents from US intelligence, articles from former Indian intelligence officer B.Raman, interviews with former Pakistani Prime Ministers and jailed terrorists claiming to have worked for them, and declarations from Australian, Canadian, British, Russian and Indonesian authorities. Most pointed is a report on the interrogation of accused Al Qaeda recruiter Abu Zubeidah, who was arrested from Faisalabad, Pakistan in September 2002 – directly implicating top Pakistani and Saudi authorities and closely followed by the mysterious death of Pakistan’s top Air Force general. The ties to the Mumbai bombings of 1993, the Bojinka plot of 1995, the hijacking of IC814 in 1999, and the guilty pleas by eleven Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists in Maryland and Virginia, all provide news for an update. Mumbai bombing mastermind and Interpol Most Wanted List member Dawood Ibrahim has been put on the US terrorist list with his Pakistani passport number publicized.

Again, this update is only a compilation of what is seen in the open literature, and probably quite incomplete in detail and understanding of the full extent. To this author, the extent is still mind-boggling.

Table 1: Pakistani role in terrorist attacks on America, upto 9/11/2002. [NK 021112]

Perpetrators and conspirators:

·  Jaish-e-Muhammed mullah Masood Azhar linked to attacks on Americans in Somalia.

·  1993 WTC bomber Ramzi Youssef traced to Pakistan; tied to 1995 plot to bomb 12 US airliners. Pakistani arrested in Phillippines with explosives in apartment, tied to airline bombing plot.

·  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Pakistani, on FBI Wanted alert, related to 9/11, Razmi Youssef and Tunisian synagogue bombing.

·  Tunisian suicide bomber Nawar traced to Pakistan training camp in 2000/2001. Receives $20K from Pakistani sources.

·  Would-be LAX bomber (Algerian native) reveals Pak coordination and reporting locations.

·  Abu Zubeidah, Al Qaeda coordinator of LAX bomb plot, lived in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

·  1993 Bombay commercial district bombings (over 300 dead)  – Dawood Ibrahim sheltered from Interpol in house near Musharraf’s residence. TIME journalist harassed for reporting his location.

·  East Africa embassy bombing coordinator flew home to Pakistan, 1998; Kenyan suspect Sheikh Ahmed Salim found in Karachi, July 2002.

·  Terror training camps found related to embassy bombings –Harkat-ul-Ansar camps hit by US cruise missiles in 1998 were inside Pakistan.

·  Fatal hijacking – PanAm 73, Karachi, 1986. Hijacker(s) allowed to escape; caught in 2002 and put on trial.

·  Fatal hijacking IC814, Dec.99– hijackers now in Pakistan, sought as part of Daniel Pearl murder gang. Dress rehearsal for 9/11 – modus operandi included slitting throats of passengers, and commercial-pilot-trained hijackers expert in hand-to-hand combat.

·  Mohammed Atta’s classmate at Hamburg engineering school, 97-2000 was PAF Squadron leader.

·  PAF Squadron Leader replaced by Atta’s cousin – 9/11 hijacker when PAF officer’s brother died.

·  Omar Shaikh traced to ISI / Gen. Mehmood Ahmed links. Wired first $100K to Atta in summer 2000 on Ahmed’s orders: cell phone call intercept.

·  Atta’s pilot-trainee Pak classmate denied entry to US; meets with Atta and another Pak terrorist in Spain, July 10, 2001.

·  Zacarias Moussaoui trained in Pakistan.

·  Moussaoui came from Pakistan to London & US with $35K in 2001; sought B747 training.

·  Bin Laden’s personal pilot reported to be former PAF officer.

·  Pak terror cells arrested in France, Miami.

·  Pakistani in a hurry to get 25 photos of WTC developed, 2 weeks before 9/11.

·  Pakistanis arrested on fraud; bogus company that bought industrial chemical mixer.

·  Richard Reid (accused Shoe Bomber) trained and received final instructions from Pakistan; related Pak cell arrested in France.

·  Jose Padilla (accused Dirty Bomber) trained and came to US from Pakistan; Pak associates arrested in US.

·  John Walker Lindh (American Taliban) trained in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir.

·  Singapore US embassy bomb plot: Kuwaiti-Canadian suspect indoctrinated in Pakistan.

·  Previous bombing plots had Pak coordinators; Afghan camps had Pak military instructors.

  Official Pakistani Government Links to Terrorist Organizations

·   Dominant Pakistani role in Taliban Afghanistan

·   Pak Govt. sponsorship of Osama bin Laden’s return to Afghanistan, 1996 via drug lord

·   Pak Govt. sponsorship of terror camps on both sides of the Pak-Afghan border.

·   Pak acquiescence in Osama’s Fatwas against the US – 1996 and ’98; Bin Laden proclamation in  ’98 of “God’s Order to Kill Americans” in Peshawar, Pakistan.

·   Pak Lt. Gen. Aziz reported head of “Pakistan Army of Islam” running terror camps.

·   Pak military instructors for terror trainees in Afghanistan - FlightSim and training manuals found in Afghanistan; IC814 hijack plot material found in Kabul house; hijackers and Omar Shaikh found living in Pakistan.

·   Kolkatta US Consulate attack organizer Aftab Ansari put kidnap ransom money in account which paid $100K to Atta.

·   ISI Chief Mehmood Ahmed reported to have ordered Omar Shaikh to send money to Atta

·   Omar Shaikh reportedly receives balance of funds wired by Atta & gang on 9/11 from Ansari Bank; flies back to Pakistan.

·   Pakistan Lt.Gen. Hamid Gul – fired ISI chief – virulently anti-American terror camp organizer – in Afghanistan for weeks; returns to party at ISI HQ, meeting Musharraf on 9/09 after Northern Alliance leader Masood was assassinated.

·   9/12 emergency military evacuation from Afghanistan to Pakistan completed within far too little time to have been thought up after 9/11 attacks.

·   Timing – Atta extends lease for 30 days as Musharraf visit to US looks headed for disaster.

·   Pak envoy M. Lodhi asserts that the ISI does not act without government authorization.

·   General Musharraf takes full responsibility for ISI actions – repeatedly and vehemently. 

Table 2: Pakistani Terrorism Other than in India Between 9/11/2002 and 10/20/2003

·   US 505th Parachute Regiment captures 8 Al Qaeda including a financier with documents from Pakistan Foreign Ministry [Chilcote 020911]

·   Italian Police Arrest 15 Pakistani Al Qaeda Suspects [Yhoo 020912]

·   Ramzi bin al-Shibh, the suspected member of Al Qaeda captured in Karachi [NYT020917]

·    US to execute Pakistani for CIA shootings [WP 020917]

·    Al-Qaida, ISI cell in Portugal? [Sharma 020922]

·    Kuwait Authorities Arrest Teenager With Explosives”..received orders from Pakistan over the Internet to place the explosives in the towers.” [WSJ 021019]

·    Pakistan police said to detain doctor over anthrax - accused him of supplying anthrax to Islamic militant groups [Alertnet 021028]

·    Girlfriend Tells German Court About Sept 11 (hijacker) Pilot “Ziad Jarrah, .. had visited Pakistan, and returned with a plan to train as a pilot. [Yhoo 021119]

·    Reuters: U.S. Troop Killer Fled to Pakistan, U.S. Says [Reuters 021222]

·    France Arrests Six (Algerians and Pakistanis) in Shoe Bomb Probe [Yhoo 021126]

·    Kuwaiti Confesses to Killing American (under Pakistani orders) [Wpost 030123]

·    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed arrested in Rawalpindi – from the house of a Pak politician. [BBC 030304 ]

·    32 blades, no explanation (Pakistani detained at DFW airport).  [Heinzl 030531]

·    Al Qaida Recruits Scientists For Wmd Attack  [MENL030606] 

·    Karzai accuses Pakistan of car bombing Germans to death. [NYT 030609]

·    "Grenade launcher" was found at the Maryland home of Masoud Khan, a U.S.-born, Pakistani-reared kitchen designer. [STLP 030612]

·    Police and Terror Suspects Die in Mecca Shootout  (included Pakistanis) [Bradley 030615]

·    “Ohio al-Qaida suspect pleads guilty - Truck driver suspected of plotting attack on Brooklyn Bridge” [MSNBC 030619] (Pakistani – confessed getting orders in Pakistan)

·    Pak freezes accounts of Osama, HuM [SIFY 030621] (a full 21 months after 9/11/2001)

·    Pak citizen charged with terrorism in UK (HT 030623]

·    Pakistani Man Charged With Lying to FBI About Threat to NYC [FOX030623]

·    9/11 Funds Traced to Pakistan Accounts :[Yahoo 030801]  “..FBI .. have "traced the origin of the funding of 9/11 back to financial accounts in Pakistan, where high-ranking and well-known al-Qaida operatives played a major role in moving the money forward, eventually into the hands of the hijackers located in the U.S."

·    'Virginia Jihad Network' Case: “the men's ultimate goal was "to fight American soldiers" [Wpost 030801]

·    Portland terror suspect admits trying to aid Taliban [Estimada 030806]

·    “The perpetrators of the deadly car bombing at Jakarta's Marriott Hotel trained with al-Qaida in Afghanistan and Pakistan” [MSNBC 030808]

·    Gen Barry McCaffery confirms on CNBC that Pakistani terrorists are attacking US troops in Iraq. [CNBC 030808]

·    “Mrs. Galt said she has gone as far as setting up Web sites for some notorious groups, including the al Qaeda-affiliated Lashkar-e-Taiba in Pakistan… Other intelligence coups by Mrs. Galt include a revelation that terrorist groups in Pakistan have been conducting experiments with chemical weapons.” [Wtimes 030809]

·    “Pakistani students being sent by UK-based Islamic organisations like Hizb al-Tahrir and al-Muhajirun to Pakistan openly call for the overthrow of democracy and the establishment of a “khilafat”.” [LDT 030812]

·    Two Pakistanis arrested at Sea-Tac; one man's name on terror list  [SeaTimes 030813]

·    20 killed in Afghanistan; Taliban, are using bases in Pakistan to launch cross-border attacks. [RMT 030813] 

·    CIA knew 9/11 hijacker's flight training plans: [Rediff030820]

·    Pakistani millionaire and Pak-American son arrested on charges of transporting material for Al Qaida.

·    Rag trade terror plot - Al Qaeda sought Garment Center tie [NYD 030822]

·    Nineteen held in case with 9/11 (in Canada) [Reuters 030822]

·    Thai police arrests 3 Pakis for suspected terror link [PTI 030823]

·     Bremer: Foreign Fighters a Growing Problem in Iraq [Frank 030824]

·     Nepal expels Pak diplomat Codename: “Mustafa” caught with counterfeit currency. [NEPAL 030824]

·    Last year the FBI concluded that terrorists are eagerly surveying weaknesses in power grids through Internet connections in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Pakistan. [Hirsh 030825] 

·    Three Men Arrested in UK Port Bomb Alert [Reuters 030829]

·    Pak Army role in terrorism against USA; 20 army officers face probe: Links with Al Qaeda ; 12 more soldiers under investigation  [DAWN 030901]

·    Mumbai bomb blast arrests point to Pakistan: “Hanif received instructions from an outfit in Saudi Arabia, which in turn was commanded by an outfit in Pakistan”. [Diwanji 030901]

·    Confessions of a Terrorist: Al-Qaeda leader reveals Osama-Pak ties. ”When the fake inquisitors accused Zubaydah of lying, he responded with a 10-minute monologue laying out the Saudi-Pakistani-bin Laden triangle”. [McGeary 030908]

·    Taliban pouring into Afghanistan from Pakistan: US commander [LDT 030909]

·    US sniper 'linked to terror cult' : Muhammad has been connected to Al Fuqra, ..linked to British shoe bomber Richard Reid and the murderers of American journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan last year. [Langton 031014]

·    (Pakistani-American) Engineer guilty of conspiracy, gun charges,  training with a Pakistani terrorist group, pleaded guilty yesterday to aiding a conspiracy and gun charges. [PhilIy  030923]

·     Al-Qaeda Terror Plot In Britain: Man Held (35-year-old Pakistani in Bomb plot) [Edwards 031011]

·    Three Harkat-ul-Jehadi-e-Islami  (Army of Islam) terrorists to 10 years in prison for their role in a plot to assassinate President A P J Abdul Kalam and abduct cricketers Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly. [PTI 031018]


Table 3: The Growing Realization: Samples

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Pakistani generals routinely deny that their army retains any sympathy for the Taliban. But .. In early summer U.S. soldiers (in) southeastern Afghanistan made a surprising discovery. Among the gang of suspected Taliban agents they nabbed were three .. Pakistani army officers. Authorities in Pakistan clapped the three in a military brig; an official from military intelligence called them " mavericks." But the news of their capture...”

G. Parthasarathy (former High Commissioner to Pakistan): ”International terrorrism — The Saudi-Pakistani nexus “ The Hindu, September 25, 2003.
”Even as evidence is emerging about how Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have worked hand in hand to support international terrorism by the Al Qaeda, the Bush Administration continues to chase shadows and blame Iran for allegedly supporting terrorism, as it did with Iraq,”

Dan Rather, Daily Breeze,October 24, 2003.  “Nuclear-tipped Pakistan remains a powder keg”

 ..."The United States has pledged billions of dollars to Pakistan to keep the government propped up. On the surface, its leaders appear friendly and allied with U.S. interests . But deeper down — in the military, intelligence and police ranks and in the mosques — danger lurks."

REDIFF, Sep. 25, 2003: 'US ignored its own agency's reports on ISI backing Al Qaeda'
”America's Defence Intelligence Agency was aware that Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) was sponsoring the Taliban and Al Qaeda, but the Bush Administration chose to ignore its findings, a former top Indian intelligence officer has said.”

Globe & Mail,  September 27, 2003: “Judea Pearl said Gen. Musharraf was obviously "trying to exonerate himself and the people he works with, the ISI," a reference to Pakistan's main espionage agency, Inter-Services Intelligence.”

Guardian: “Answers please, Mr Bush.”,13947,1056922,00.html

Meanwhile, the REAL War Against Terrorism Rages On

While western government spokespersons and diplomats practice Alice-in-Wonderland contortions of logic, while dictators are supported as champions of freedom, terrorist generals are invited as Distinguished Speakers to the National Defense University, and while nuclear weapons are exchanged for missiles between terrorist states, the real war rages on the frontlines against medieaval terrorism. The Indian policeman, soldier, and civilian pay with their lives to defend freedom and democracy from the barbarians. In the State of Jammu-Kashmir, in the first five months of 2003, 137 law officers including Army personnel died fighting. They killed 546 Pakistani terrorists. Unfortunately, the terrorists managed to kill 346 Indian civilians as well, including many little children. From [Deepika 030615]: “1098 and 1050 civilians, 613 and 539 security personnel and 2020 and 1707 militants lost their lives during 2001 and 2002 respectively”. It appears that 2003 is another “routine” year – unless the Indian people finally decide that enough is enough, and put the terrorist state of Pakistan and its genocidal Army out of their misery.


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