INS Nireekshak

A HAL Chetak hovers overhead INS Nireekshak. She serves in the submarine SAR role. Image © Indian Navy

Vessel Type: Diving Support Ship

Name & Pennant Number with commission date:
INS Nireekshak A15 (08 June 1989)

Displacement: 2160 tons full load.

Main Machinery: Two diesels with 4410 hp sustained, two shafts, cp props, two bow thrusters, two stern thrusters with 990 hp.

Maximum Speed: 12 knots.

Complement: 63 (incl. 15 officers).

Comments: Acquired on lease with an option for purchase, which was taken up in March 1995, and the vessel was formerly re-commissioned on 15 September 1995. The vessel was built for offshore support operations but has been modified for naval requirements. Two DSRVs (Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle), capable of taking 12 men to 300 meters, are carried together with two six-man recompression chambers and one three-man bell. A Kongsberg ADP-503 Mk.II dynamic positioning system is fitted. The vessel is used for submarine SAR (Search & Rescue).