INS Krishna

Image © Mrityunjoy Mazumdar

Image © Mrityunjoy Mazumdar

A shot of INS Krishna, taken from above. Image © Warships International Fleet Review, Winter '99 Issue


Vessel Type: Training Ship.

Name & Pennant Number with commission date:
INS Krishna F46 (22 August 1995)

Displacement: 2960 tons full load.

Main Machinery: Two boilers with 550 psi, two turbines with 30,000 hp and two shafts.

Maximum Speed: 28 knots.

Maximum Range: 4000 at 15 knots

Complement: 260 (incl. 19 officers).

Weapons: Two Oerlikon 20mm guns.
..............Two Bofors 40mm guns (aft of funnel).

Radars: Air/Surface; One Marconi Type 968 radar at D/E-band frequency.
...........Navigation; One Kevin Hughes Type 1006 radar at I-band frequency.

Helicopters: Platform for one HAL Chetak.

Comments: Acquired for training purposes to supplement INS Tir. The vessel was originally commissioned in the Royal Navy on 02 December 1968 as HMS Andromeda F57. The Indian Navy acquired the vessel from the United Kingdom in April 1995 having paid off in June 1993 to an extended state of readiness. It was re-commissioned into the Indian Navy after being refitted by DML, Davenport in the United Kingdom. The armament has been reduced to the minimum for the training role. Based at Kochi.