INS Rajali



INS Rajali is located at Arokanam, 90 km from Chennai in Tamil Nadu and was commissioned on 11 March 1992. The air station is home to INAS 312 Albatross which operates the Tu-142 maritime reconnaissance aircraft. The base also trains Chetak pilots at INAS 561 Rotors and a SAR (Search & Rescue) Chetak Flight of INAS 321 Angels also operates from here. Additionally, it also has the base support facility to cater for the maintenance of the Tu-142 aircraft. This station boasts of having the longest runway in India. Guarding the southern boundaries of the country, essentially the Palk Strait, is a non-commissioned aviation unit --> INS Rajali-II. Located at Ramnad, Tamil Nadu this airfield was established to operate Islander aircraft and Chetak helicopters for Operation Pawan. Presently the airfield is utilised only for helicopter operations undertaking patrol missions in Palk Bay