Gp Capt M O ‘Micky’ Blake

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Gp Capt MPO ‘Micky’ Blake (Retd)
Personal Experiences and Photo Albums


MPO “Micky” Blake hailed from Bangalore in present day Karnataka. He was born 20 Mar 1923 and was commissioned (IND/2630) at the age of 20 in the Indian Air Force on 27 Sep 1943. Blake served with No.42 Squadron RAF and No. 3 Squadron IAF during the Second World War. Later he flew in the 47-48 Kashmir Ops with 8 Squadron. In the mid 50s, he commanded No.7 Squadron ‘The Battle Axes’

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Hurricane Tales
Life during the World War II was most interesting, especially if you had forcelanded in No Man’s Land
The 1947-48 Kashmir Ops
Experiences as a Flight Commander with 8 Squadron retold in this section
Command of the Battle Axes
A few photos of Micky Blake’s tenure as CO of the Battle Axes in the mid 1950s.
Operations at Diu
Some experiences as told to Gp Capt Bhargava in this article of the One day war.

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