Air Marshal S Raghavendran

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Air Marshal S Raghavendran’s retired as the Vice Chief of Air Staff after 38 years of service and a combat record spanning two wars. He has written two books about his career – and a series of articles on this site which formed the basis for his books. His service record is available at


  1. Panther One – An Introduction by KS Nair
  2. ITW Coimbatore – Portal to the Sky!
  3. Square bashing at the Initial Training Wing.Those Magnificient men in their flying machines
  4. No.2 Elementary Flying Training School, Jodhpur.How I was (almost) Courtmartialled
  5. Video : The Spitfire was the reason I joined the IAF
  6. At Flying Instructors School, Ambala and No.2 AFA, JodhpurThe day I (almost) missed the Fly Past!
  7. The Republic Day Fly Past Rehearsals of 1958How Halwara was bombed – by me!
  8. Converting No.29 to Ouragans, and converting on the HunterThe First Gnat Squadron Commander
  9. Commanding No.23 Squadron “Panthers” and converting to Gnats Photo Album : No.23 Squadron (1959-61)
  10. The One Man DASI cum DFCL School
  11. Training 1 with Ops Command
  12. A view from Ops Command of the Goan Liberation. Eyewitness to the Liberation of Goa
  13. The day I (almost) missed going to Iraq!
  14. On deputation to Iraq for instructional flying.How I almost missed the war!
  15. Commanding No.23 Squadron – in warThe day the PAF got away. Looking at an Air to Ground attack – from the wrong end!
  16. The day I (almost) became Squadron Commander for the third time!
  17. OC Flying to Station Commander of BareillyHoney, I shrunk the funds!
  18. Fighting with the babu log for ‘War Wastage Reserves’ as the VCAS.The Multi-role Fleet (or Multi-billions down the Ganga) The age old saga of the Multi Role Aircraft – VCAS

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