Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadrons

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The first UAV Squadron was No.34 Squadron, formed on 27 November 2000 at Bhatinda under Wg Cdr Sandip Sud YSM. The number 34 was being used for the second time, the first time was for an SA-2 SAM Squadron.

In December 2003, the UAV Squadrons were renumbered in the 300X series.

No. Unit Nickname Raised Based at Location
3001 Sqn   27 Nov 2000 34 Wing Bhisiana (Bhatinda)
3002 Sqn Cat’s Eyes   41 Wing Jaisalmer
3003 Sqn Trinetra   23 Wing Jammu
3004 Sqn   20 Sept 2004 12 FBSU Naliya
3005 Sqn     8 FBSU Awantipur
UAV Tech Flight     34 Wing Bhisiana (Bhatinda)


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