Medical and Dental Formations / Units

Name Location Motto Raised Disbanded
Institute of Aerospace Medicine Bangalore Nayasi Arogyam    
No.1 Aero Medical Training Centre Hindon Crest 30-Jun-71  
No.2 Aero Medical Training Centre Dundigal Vijayasya Moolam Svasvatham    
Command Hospital Air Force Bangalore      
No.2 Air Force Hospital EAC      
No.5 Air Force Hospital Jorhat      
No.7 Air Force Hospital Kanpur      
No.9 Air Force Hospital WAC      
No.10 Air Force Hospital 99 APO      
No.11 Air Force Hospital Hindon      
No.14 Air Force Hospital AFA Dundigal      
No.1 Dental Center 3 Wing, Palam      
No.2 Dental Center EAC      
No.9 Dental Center 12 Wing,Chandigarh       

Notes: ::Y:: indicates that establishment has been disbanded or renamed, but exact date is unknown
Scramble, Official Indian Air Force Website,


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