This section contains the various listings - Aircraft Fleet Strength, List of Missile Squadrons, Radar Units, Equipment Depots and various other OrBAT information that do not fall in any of the above sections.

Missile Squadrons and Flights

The Indian Air Force missile squadrons were first raised in 1965, when the SA-2 was inducted in large numbers. The Missile units were raised as 'Squadrons', All the SA-2 units being numbered in two digit series that would fit in with the gaps in the IAF flying unit number sequence. With the induction of S-123M Pechora units, the IAF started the practice of numbering them with four digit numbers.

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Air Force Bands

As with other arms, the Indian Air Force has a strong tradition of its own when it comes to Military Music and Musicians. The first Indian Air Force band was formed at Jalahalli in 1944 as the RIAF Central Band. This band played for the first time at a parade in Ambala on 13th February 1946. Since then six more bands have been raised over the years.

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