69th Pilots Course and 4 Squadron AF

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Squadron Leader Pramod Chandra Chopra was born in Delhi on November 15th 1935. He attended Modern School and St.  Stephens College and was an avid sports and outdoor person. He earned a private pilots license from New Delhi’s Safdarjang Flying Club and after finishing college, joined the Indian Air Force. He was commissioned in the 69th Pilots Course. Thereafter he flew Vampires and Toofanis with 4 Squadron before being posted to 1 Sqn in Kalaikunda to convert to Mysteres.

This page contains photographs from his training days , and from No.4 Squadron from the Vampire and Ouragan era.


69FP-Group-01.jpg 69F9-Navy.jpg 69FP-01.jpg 4Sqn-Texan.jpg
69 GD(P) Standing L to R: TR Patel (late), DK Dhiman (late), Subhash Chopra, Manna Murdeshwar, Gary Grewal, DS Bajaj (late), PC Chopra. Below L to R : RM Khanna and  KAHariharan Lt Subhash Chopra (later Vice Admiral (Retd) and Lt  R S ‘Gary’ Grewal. later Cdr Garewal was Commander ( Air) Vikrant in the 1971 war Officers from 69 GD(P) course. On the left is Plt Offr DS Bajaj, later killed in a Toofani Accident. On extreme right MR Murdeshwar. Officer cadets with ground crew with a Harvard trainer at Jodhpur. 2nd from Right is MR ‘Manna’ Murdeshwar, who later retired as Gp Capt.

69FP-Group-02.jpg Vampire-Pilots-Group-03.jpg 4Sqn-Misc-01.jpg
4Sqn-Rocket-Testing.jpg 4Sqn-Vampire-Pilot.jpg Vampire-Pilots-Group-02.jpg
Vampires-Maint.jpg Misc-Tents.jpg Vampire-Pilots-Group-01.jpg
A Vampire FB52 (possibly of No.4 Squadron) undergoing maintanance Tented accommodation put up for Ex Shiksha at Kalaikunda (around ’63,’64)  
Misc-Course.jpg 4-Sqn-Toofani-Group.jpg Misc-Group-01.jpg
No 4 Sqn at Halwara in Summer of 1957.

Rear Row Standing P/O Daljit Singh, P/O B Singh, P/O Pratap Rao, P/O Raje, P/O Vasishth, P/O Yadav, P/O Sadarangani , P/O Bhtani, P/O PC Chopra

Middle Row P/O Choudhary,P/O Bali, P/O Dushayant Singh, F/O Mistry, F/O Roy Kothawala, F/O 
Aujala, F/O Singhal, F/O Khot , F/O Hingorani , F/O Bakshi, F/O Soorma

Front Row Sitting F/O TPS Gill, F/O SV Khot, F/L DP Soni, F/L MS Bajwa, S/L VM Bhatnagar , F/L Surinder Singh, F/O Kohli, P/o Dhillon

4 Sqn at Palam circa 1959

Standing L to R: F/O  ML Sharma,   F/O  PC  Chopra, F/O  Pratap Rao,  F/L D. Keelor,  F/L T. Desa, S/L AL Michael (CO) , F/L  T. D’Souza, F/L DP Soni,  F/O AS Bansi,  F/O PK Vasishth,  F/O Venkatraman (Eng Offr)

Sitting L to R:  P/O Sadarangani, P/O  M. Mohanty,  P/O  R. Mitra , F/O Chaudhary, F/O  SV Bhutani

4 Sqn circa 1961? 

Sitting From left  2nd  NL Gupta, 3rd KB Menon, 4th S/L MA Woodfall (CO) 5th Denzil Keelor and last PCChopra.



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