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For Individuals and Organisations looking for help with research 

Over the years, the team at Bharat Rakshak have accumulated vasts amount of archival and research material related to the Indian Air Force, right from the pre-independence days till the recent India-Pakistan Wars.  These archives are provided to individuals who request them for their personal use free of cost.  Having benefited from the generosity of veterans and their families, who contributed these materials, or provided access to their collections.  it is only appropriate that we pass on the help to others when they need them.

Some of our contributions have borne fruit in various research projects/ books. Notable among them are the books Courage and Devotion to DutySpitfires in the Sun , An Incredible War, The History of AFS Gorakhpur as well as several personal efforts of the webmaster that includes the following books by P V S Jagan Mohan

Much of the archival information is available for access on this website in our Databases and Photo Archives.

So do you need research help? 

  • If you are an individual who is working on a research project / book project, then write to us at  airforceATbharat-rakshak.com  CC:  iafhistoryATgmail.com , giving details of your area of interest, details of your project etc.
  • If you are working on a research project on behalf of an organisation, then please send us a formal letter* of request (on an official letterhead if it exists) specifying the material they need and the purpose it will be used for.  A scan of the official letter of request can be mailed directly to the above address.
  • If you belong to an air force unit, and trying to piece together historical information about your unit, then please email us a scanned letter of request signed by your  Commanding Officer or the Adjutant. You will be surprised at the amount of material we can dig up on the history of your unit, especially those raised during or just after the Second World War.

We will do our utmost to source all the information requested . We are a collection of dedicated aviation historians and between us, we are confident of providing research help of the highest quality – at no cost at all to those who request it! 



* We reserve the right to reproduce the letter of requests on this website

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