Maintenance Units

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Base Repair Depots

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No.1 Base Repair Depot
Sahayata Seva
Service and Help
No.11 Base Repair Depot
Kaya Kalpa
Rejuvenation of Body
7 out of the 8 BRDs have the same crests, depicting the legendary phoenix rising out of flames with a machine wheel encircling its head. The motto is common to all “Kaya Kalpa” which means rejuvenation of the body.  No.1 BRD is the only one that retains a different Crest and its own Motto. The phoenix crest instiuted in May 78 by Air Marshal D Subia, then AOC-in-C.

Air Stores Parks

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No.54 Air Stores Park
No.56 Air Stores Park

Repair and Salvage Units

No.41 Repair and Salvage unit

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