Flt Training & Others

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No.1 Air Force Academy
Raised : ?? ??? 48 at Ambala
Sa Vidhya ya Vimurtaya
Begumpet AFS
No.2 Air Force Academy
(No.2 EFTS, later AFA)
Raised : ?? ??? 48
Shram se Siddhi
Mastery through Hardwork
Jodhpur AFS
Air Force Academy
Raised : 16 Jan 71
Shram se Siddhi
Mastery through Hardwork
Located at Dundigal, AP
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MiG Operational Flying Training Unit
Raised : 15 Dec 86
Sarvey Yudvisharadha
All Skilled in Warfare
Located at Tezpur, Assam
Helicopter Training School (ex LSTU)
Raised : 02 Apr 62
Gnanena Siddhihi
Knowledge is Mastery
Located at Hakimpet, AP
Paratrooper Training School
Raised : 1947
Sahasa Kaushalyam Balam
Courage Skill and Might
Located at Agra, UP
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Tactics and Combat Development Est. (ex TCDTS)
Raised : 01 Feb 71
Tejo Tejasvinamaha
I am the glory of the Glorious
Located at Gwalior, MP
Flying Instructors School
Raised : 01 Apr 48
Vidhya Dhanena Vardhante
Knowledge Multiplies when Imparted
Located at Tambaram, TN
Air HQ and Comm Squadron
Raised :  1 Nov 47
Seva aur Suraksha
Safety and Service
Located at Palam, New Delhi
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Aircraft and Systems Testing Est (ex AATU)
Raised : 15 Apr 57
Sukshmata eva Utkarsha
Precision and Excellenc
Located at Bangalore, Karnataka
Navigations and Signals School
Raised : 1945
Sarvada Lakshyam Prapthe
Always achieve destination
Located at Begumpet, Telangana

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