Operational Command
Raised : 5 Jan 49
Western Air Command
Raised : 5 Jan 49
Training Command
Raised : 22 July  49
Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya
Take us from Darkness to Light
alt EAC
Maintenance Command
Raised : 26 Jan 55
Sarvada Gagana charethu
Always fly high in the sky
Eastern Air Command
Raised : 1 Dec 59
Samareshu Parakrama
Valor in Wars
Central Air Command
Raised : 19 Mar 62
Nigruhva Rasava shastrava
Destruction of the Enemy
SAC alt
 Southern Air Command
Raised : 19 July 84
Antarakishya Prasthamaha
We control Air and Space
South Western Air Command
Raised : 23 July 80
Jayashree Varathe Veeram
Victory embraces the brave 

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