Indian Air Force Gallantry & Service Awards Database

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IAF Awards for 2011 Updated.

Currently there are about 1000+ Recipient names of all the awards that were made from the year 1947. You will be able to search by Name of Recipient or Year of announcement or by Unit served when the Award was announced.

The Details we need are: Service Number, Name, Rank, Branch, Date of Award, Date of Announcement of Award, Unit Served, Complete Citation, Photograph (if possible) , Gazette Notification.

The Database is in the process of updation

Year Search
Select the Year and click the submit button to retrieve details of all awards announced / gazetted during that particular year.
Note: Select year of announcement of Award to see the list
Unit Search
Select the Unit and click the submit button to retrieve details of all awards earned by that particular unit / formation.
Note: Unit served with when the Award was earned
Name Search
Enter a name or a partial name to retrieve matching records.

Note: If you are not sure of the correct spelling, Enter only part of the name to widen the search
Service Number Search
Enter just the Service Number (Do Not enter the branch) to retrieve all records for a single individual. It may so happen that in a number of entries the service number is not available. In case you are not able to find what you are looking for here, please try the Partial Name search above

Note: Enter only the number – Not the Branch. For example – if the Service number is 3500 F(P), enter only ‘3500’

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